Freshman Cohort Program

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Karyn O'Hearn

The Cohort Program is a new opportunity for freshmen to develop community and orient themselves within the College of Biological Sciences as soon as they arrive at UC Davis.

The four primary elements of the program are a fall welcome where students will be introduced to others in their cohort; the BIS 98 freshman seminar class; the opportunity for small groups of freshmen to have lunch or spend an hour with a faculty member; and the opportunity for a field trip to the Bodega Bay Marine Laboratory.

Through such intensive mentoring, the program aims to allow students the opportunity to engage more closely with faculty; to introduce the students to the full range of research and majors in CBS; to create a greater sense of community and place for students within the college; and to encourage students to use the advising resources within and outside the college.

For more information, visit the program's web site.