The UC Davis College of Biological Sciences is home to 116 faculty, 419 graduate students, 6,062 undergraduate students and an alumni community of over 34,000 UC Davis graduates. We administer five departments, nine undergraduate majors and eight graduate groups, and are closely affiliated with the Center for Neuroscience, the Genome Center, the Center for Population Biology and the Coastal Marine Sciences Institute.

Undergraduate Education

Comprehensive information about our undergraduate education, including our majors and advising resources, can be found at the Biology Academic Success Center. The College of Biological Sciences is the only College at UC Davis to offer a holistic academic resource center to undergraduate students enrolled in its nine majors.

Visit the BASC website.

Graduate Education

The eight graduate programs in biology-related disciplines at UC Davis are managed by interdisciplinary graduate groups through the College of Biological Sciences. To apply online, or for additional information about graduate education at UC Davis, visit the Graduate Studies web site, or call (530) 752-0650.

Learn more about the individual graduate programs at the College of Biological Sciences.