The Cohort Program: CBS First-Year Experience

Creating Community While Exploring Biological Sciences

The Cohort Program has three overarching goals that apply to all of its features:

1. Students will achieve a sense of community within the College of Biological Sciences by: (a) forming relationships with peers, staff and faculty; (b) recognizing the commonality of their experiences, interests and goals; and (c) identifying as part of this collective.  

2. Through the Cohort Program's hands-on academic and extracurricular activities, students will be exposed to UC Davis biology research resources and will better understand the value of research, especially as it relates to the undergraduate experience.

3. Students will develop skills enabling them to take responsibility for their academic success. In developing this skill set, students will have opportunities to explore a wide range of careers facilitated by biology degrees.

*NEW THIS YEAR: Transfer Cohort!