BIS 005 & 198: Exploring Biological Sciences


Course Description

This exploratory course for is College of Biological Science first year students

Freshman course: BIS 005

Transfer course: BIS 198

Lecture – 1 hour (1.00 unit, P/NP)

Through a diverse series of biologist speakers, students will better understand the scope and applications of biology.

Additionally this class teaches library research skills. The course project requires that students practice these skills.

Students are awarded credit for in-class participation.

This class is the corner stone of the COHORT Program.

BIS 198 (transfer course) is only offered in Fall

BIS 005 (freshmen course) may be taken Fall, Winter, or Spring of first year.

Required course materials: TBD, has previously been i>clicker2 See new statement about i>clickers. Click here to see at UC Davis Stores,