COHORT Grouping Stucture

Each Cohort is named after a branch of the modern phylogenetic tree of life. Because genetic relationships of organisms are now better understood, conventional kingdoms, domains and super-groups have been recombined and renamed. Additionally, each Cohort is represented by an organism, which is a member of its branch and has advanced our understanding of biology.

Freshman Cohorts

The 2018 CBS freshman class is greater than 1,400 students! Freshmen are divided among six Cohorts because finding your way among 1,400 students can feel intimidating and isolating. The Cohorts allow students to meet a core group within CBS. In this group, students take BIS 005 together and have other opportunities to interact throughout the year.

Freshman Cohort Names: Bacteria, Archaea, Excavata, RAS, Plantae, Unikonta

BIS 005 is offered Fall, Winter, and Spring, and is to be taken during an assigned quarter based on Dorm placement.


Cohort Banner

Designs by 2013−2014 Cohort Members: Liza Nguyen, Lo Tuan, and Maiphuong Pham.

Transfer Cohorts

Incoming CBS transfer students face many challenges, including: transitioning from a semester system, coping with intense upper-division science courses, and living off campus. These challenges can be isolating. The COHORT program seeks to introduce transfer students to their CBS peers and faculty the outset of this UC Davis experience.

The Transfer Cohort name is Amoebozoa.

Artwork coming soon!