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Shari Kawelo
Executive Director, Development and External Relations
(530) 752-2097

Fundamental Research. Transformative Results.

With a gift to the UC Davis College of Biological Sciences, you don’t have to limit your philanthropic goals. You will be a key player in eradicating disease, feeding the hungry, rehabilitating the environment and developing sustainable energy sources, all while helping the next generation build a solid educational foundation for future scientific breakthroughs.

You see, basic biological research is the starting point for solving Earth’s most pressing problems. At the College of Biological Sciences, we are dedicated to maximizing our influence through new biology—collaboration across disciplines—to tackle these challenges. Through basic biological research we identify the roots of solutions, then team up with others to apply them in the real world. 

The Power of New Biology

New biology is actually a fresh name for techniques our world-class faculty have practiced for years. In the Center for Population Biology, research combining genetics and biomathematics has led to a system for controlling dengue fever by introducing a parasite to the world’s mosquito populations. One microbiology lab has found that applying certain bacteria to man-made pollutants can clean up the environment, while another group has identified the mechanism through which cancer cells repair their own DNA, setting the stage for more effective cancer treatments. In plant biology, researchers have found ways to increase biofuel production volumes and developed a revolutionary plant-breeding method that will greatly increase the world’s food supply. And those are just a few examples of how our research is making a tangible difference in the world and improving the daily lives of its citizens. 

Your Support

With you, we can do even more. We hope to offer research opportunities to all our undergraduates, providing them with qualitative analysis skills for the data-rich world of modern science. We believe our graduate students deserve full rides, so they can spend their graduate years imagining the possible rather than stressing over finances. We plan to build a Proof-of-Concept Endowment for our faculty, providing them the freedom to push the boundaries of discovery through high-risk/high-reward pilot studies. We hope to facilitate new cross-disciplinary partnerships between industries and campus departments through a Biotechnology Endowment that will fund research for new biotechnologies with the aim of profound improvements in human, animal and environmental health.

We invite you to partner with us. You will do a world of good.