Ted Jones Microscopy Lab

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Director of Development
Center for Neuroscience
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The Legacy of Edward G. Jones

Edward G. “Ted” Jones committed more than 50 years to groundbreaking research in the emerging field of neuroscience. His legacy includes seminal contributions to basic neuroscience and the understanding of brain disorders; direction of the UC Davis Center for Neuroscience; and remarkable, classic works on the thalamus and the history of his field.

Dr. Jones joined the UC Davis faculty in 1998 as director of the Center for Neuroscience and professor of psychiatry and behavioral sciences at the UC Davis School of Medicine. He was president of the International Society for Neuroscience and a National Academy of Sciences member. Through these and other leadership positions, he promoted the integration of approaches in cellular and molecular biology to neuroscience research and recruited scientists across disciplines to address fundamental questions about brain function and dysfunction in neurological and psychiatric diseases. 

“Ted Jones was a giant in the field of neuroscience and left a legacy of knowledge and wisdom that is embodied not just in his books and prodigious scientific works, but in the extraordinary center that he built at UC Davis, where new discoveries are made every day that illuminate our understanding of how the brain works and take us closer to cures for human brain disease,” said Cameron Carter, professor of psychiatry and psychology and current director of the Center for Neuroscience at UC Davis.

Ted Jones Microscopy Lab

As a young medical student, Dr. Jones honed his skills, “putting visual observations into words and drawing cells and tissues observed under the microscope.” The microscope became a passion and an instrument for a long and distinguished career. 

The UC Davis Center for Neuroscience is recognizing that distinguished career and has launched a $50,000 initiative to name, renovate and enhance the lab in honor of Dr. Jones. 

The new Ted Jones Microscopy Lab will be a spacious, restructured, and directly accessible suite, providing generous work space for up to 20 microscopists. Funds will also be used to refurbish, consolidate, and maintain an array of Ted’s compound microscopes and about 10 new teaching microscopes to enhance class instruction and research by in-house and visiting faculty. 

Donor recognition will include acknowledgement on a beautiful plaque to be displayed in the new lab. We also respect your wishes if you choose to remain anonymous. Thank you for your consideration.