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Harris Lewin: Earth BioGenome Project to Sequence All Life

Melvin Green

Long-Lived: Remembering Melvin Green, A UC Davis Genetics Pioneer

Helena and Walter Leal

Walter and Helena Leal: Father and Daughter Team Up to Study How Mosquitoes Choose Whom to Bite

Phi Sigma Honor Society Sash

Getting Involved: Phi Sigma Biological Sciences Honor Society Activities and New Officers

Science Says' Science Idol event

Science Says: UC Davis Grad Students Promote Science Communication

Siobhan Brady

Associate Professor of Plant Biology Siobhan Brady Named a Chancellor's Fellow

Hydra under Microscope

Celina Juliano: Hydra and the Quest to Understand Immortality

honey bee on a lavender flower

Santiago Ramirez: How Population Genetics Can Help Breed a Hardier Honey Bee

Alec Avey

Engineering Injury Resistance, One Ligament at a Time: Undergraduate Research in the Keith Baar Lab

Ray Rodriguez

Ray Rodriguez: Smart Farm: Creating the Farm and Farmworkers of the Future

Briana Rocha-Gregg

The Young Scientist Program: Promoting K-12 Life Science in Local Communities

dynein motor proteins

Richard McKenney: Understanding Traffic Congestion on the Shifting Roadways of Cell Division