College of Biological Sciences receives largest private gift in College history


Last month the College of Biological Sciences signed the largest private, philanthropic gift in its history—an unrestricted $1.5 million anonymous donation. This is an incredibly significant milestone for the College of Biological Sciences—gifts of this kind are what will enable them to support the work that will advance them towards their goal of becoming a hub for translational research and new biology.

Initially, $500,000 will be designated as current-use funds and will support immediate projects. The remaining $1,000,000 will be set aside to accrue interest while strategic initiatives are developed in order to determine how they can best use these funds to advance their mission in a tangible, visible way that will inspire both future and current donors to continue their involvement.

And finally, without the generous efforts of the numerous faculty and students who were involved this simply would not have been possible. This was truly a team effort and a testament to what this great College can achieve when they work towards a common goal.