Hiring Plan 2015-2020

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Recruiting and Retaining World-Class Faculty

Building on a decade of success since its 2005 inception, we look to 2020 aiming to meet the challenges of modern biological research and offering the best educational experiences to students, while continuing our commitment to excellence.

Assitant Professor Richard McKenney poses with a student researcher
Assitant Professor Richard McKenney poses with a student researcher. David Slipher/UC Davis

The College of Biological Sciences' five-year hiring plan builds on important recruitment activity since the faculty established the current vision in 2010, and nurtures the CBS strength in the core areas of biology while growing in some emerging disciplines. Recent recruitment has introduced greater diversity to faculty and staff, and begins to engage more LPSOEs to enhance instructional innovation and pedagogical impact while boosting our teaching capacity. Our plan includes an aggressive inclusion of LPSOEs that will allow lecturers to ultimately make up about 10-15% of our college faculty. Doing so is necessary to make sure that ladder faculty can maintain the necessary balance of teaching and research to sustain world-class scholarship in the college.

Over the next five years, we plan to solidify our strengths in basic biological discovery while building additional strengths in translational research so that acquired knowledge can be translated into solving key societal concerns. This is essential to our vision of CBS as the exemplar of New Biology. Successful execution of the proposed hiring plan will reinforce its standing as one of the top biological sciences units at the national and international level.