Exploring Biological Sciences Course

shoreline crab held by student

BIS 005 and BIS 198

The Exploring Biological Sciences course (BIS 005 for freshmen and BIS 198 for transfer students) is a low-intensity, seminar-style class designed to familiarize you with the College of Biological Sciences through coursework and esteemed guest lecturers.

From professors and researchers sharing about their career paths and learning about research opportunities to creating a LinkedIn profile and drafting letters of interest, you'll learn the value of research as you start building professional networks with your peers and faculty and researchers across campus.

2018-2019 Freshmen BIS 005 Assignments*

  • Fall Quarter BIS 005 
  • All students who attended:
    Orientation 1 (June 25-26, 2018)
  • Winter Quarter BIS 005
  • All students who attended:
    Orientation 2 (June 28-29, 2018)
    International Student Orientation
    STEP Student Orientation
  • Spring Quarter BIS 005
  • All students who attended:
    ​​​Orientation 3 (July 2-3, 2018)
    Make-up Orientation (Aug. 2-3, 2018)
    All others who were unable to participate fall or winter quarter

2018-2019 Transfer Student BIS 198 Assignments

  • Fall Quarter BIS 198
  • All transfer students
*Freshmen who would like to request to take your First Year Experience BioLaunch course during a different quarter, please contact us or complete the BioLaunch Course Request Form.