Faculty Directory Profile Instructions


The College of Biological Sciences has upgraded its longstanding profile directory to the UC Davis Sitefarm platform. The directory has profiles for:

  • CBS Departmental faculty
  • CBS Affiliated Centers faculty
  • CBS Affiliated Graduate Group faculty

Our directory is designed to help prospective and current students learn about faculty research happening across our programs. So while you may have another profile related to a different appointment at UC Davis, this system brings many different research areas to a single web presence.

Last year alone, our faculty profile system received nearly 400,000 visits. Please keep your information and publications up to date accordingly. View the faculty directory at: https://biology.ucdavis.edu/faculty

Login Information

1.   To edit your profile page, you’ll first need to login to the Sitefarm system. Navigate to http://biology.ucdavis.edu/login

Locate and click the Log in button, which will redirect the page to the campus authentication system to enter in your Kerberos ID and password. Upon successful login, you will now be able to edit your profile.


Editing Your Person Page

1. Go to http://biology.ucdavis.edu/admin/content/my-content

2. Locate and click the Edit button on your faculty person page.

edit my content instructions

3. The Edit Person view will display. You can now make changes to the different sections of your profile. Please see below for more instructions on updating your profile.

Name Prefix and Credentials

Please leave these sections blank so the system can sort and display profiles consistently. You can include your degrees in the bio section of your profile if they are not already listed there.

prefix and credentials instructions

Profile Photo 

You can update your profile photo by removing the current photo and uploading another. The ideal size for an image is 520x580 pixels. Your profile will only show a square image, so if you need to, you can click and drag the focal point cursor so that your face is located in the center of the square view. Click the Preview icon below the image to open the Focal Point Preview in a new window and scroll to Profile to see a preview of the image. Close the window to return to the Edit Person view.

A photo must include an alternative text caption, which describes the photo with a screen reader for individuals with visual impairments.

edit profile photo instructions

Position Title and Unit

If you need to make changes to your position title, please list only the name without appointment, e.g. “Professor” instead of “Professor of Evolution and Ecology”. Your appointment/affiliation will display in the unit field below.

By default, your primary appointment is listed first. You can add other UC Davis affiliations if they are not already listed.

title and unit instructions

Contact Information

You can add and update contact information, like email, phone, office hours and location, and website and social media accounts URLS. Make sure to label the link text of any URL to provide information about the link.

If you have a primary faculty profile in another college, this link is very helpful to include.

contact information instructions

Research Summary and Bio

Here you can make changes to your research summary and bio. The research summary displays in the profile preview in the faculty directory index pages.

If you need to edit your research summary, please take care not to delete the text <strong> Research Interests </strong>. This gives the text a bold style when viewed in the directory. Please limit your research summary to a paragraph at most.

The bio section houses the majority of your profile information. Here you can go into detail about your research interests and list your courses, lab information, degrees and publications.

If you need to add hyperlinks, bullet points or make changes to the style and size of text, use the toolbar at the top of the bio section.

*Important Note: Your graduate group affiliations and corresponding specialties are set by the graduate group. Please do not delete or modify these unless your status with the graduate group changes.

research interests and profile body instructions

Uploading Documents

You can add documents and presentations to your profile. The maximum file size is 256 MB and the file types that are accepted are: .txt, .zip, .xls, .xlsx, .doc, .docx, .pdf, .ppt and .pptx.

uploading documents instruction

Saving and Previewing Changes

Click Save at the bottom when you are finished with edits. This will post changes live automatically. You can also preview changes by clicking Preview.

You can see the public view of your profile by searching for it in the directory at: https://biology.ucdavis.edu/faculty

If any information is deleted by accident, please email biology@ucdavis.edu, and we can reset your profile information to an earlier version. If you have any questions or experience any issues using this system, please email us, and we will assist you. 

Thank you for keeping your profile information up to date!

saving and previewing profile instructions