Faculty Directory

Jacqueline Barlow

  • Assistant Professor
  • Department of Microbiology and Molecular Genetics, College of Biological Sciences
  • Genome Center
Research Interests: DNA replication and repair: mapping and characterizing replication-induced fragile sites.
313 Briggs Hall (Office)

Peter Barry

  • Professor
  • Department of Pathology and Laboratory Medicine, School of Medicine
  • Department of Land Air and Water Resources, College of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences
Ctr for Comparative Med, Davis, CA 95616

Linda Barter

  • Associate Professor
  • Department of Surgical and Radiological Sciences, School of Veterinary Medicine
Research Interests: Veterinary Anesthesia and Analgesia
1406 Tupper Hall, Davis, CA 95616

Rachael Bay

  • Assistant Professor
  • Department of Evolution and Ecology, College of Biological Sciences
Research Interests: Evolutionary response to human-induced environmental changes
4328 Storer

David E. Bayer

  • Professor Emeritus
  • Department of Plant Biology, College of Biological Sciences
Research Interests: Mechanisms involved in uptake of exogenous materials
160 Robbins Hall