Students in the Bodega Marine Lab

Why Give

Your support of the UC Davis College of Biological Sciences helps drive scientific discovery to meet our world’s most pressing challenges. From improving human and animal health and feeding the hungry to rehabilitating the environment and developing sustainable energy sources, your gift shapes the future of life sciences research and creates opportunities to grow a new generation of scientific leaders. There are many ways to support your philanthropic goals.

Undergraduate Student Support

The largest population in our college, these are the primary areas in need of support for undergraduate students:

  • Scholarships support academic excellence, women in science, first-generation college students and other historically underrepresented groups 
  • Research Opportunities provide hands-on learning experience and mentorship to help prepare undergrads for their careers 
  • First-Year Experience Program helps freshmen and transfer students access critical resources during their first year at UC Davis
  • Study Abroad Programs enable students to gain international experiences and provide valuable social skills to develop global citizens
Graduate Student Support

Our advanced degree seekers have unique needs to achieve their academic goals. These are the primary areas of support for our graduate students:

  • Dean’s Mentorship Awards enable graduate students to hire and train undergraduate researchers, growing our college’s culture of mentorship and experiential learning
  • Research Fellowships provide opportunities for graduate students to obtain paid research positions in the biological sciences
  • Interdisciplinary Research forms connections between students across different disciplines, fostering collaborative research and identifying novel, collective approaches to tackle scientific challenges
Research Facilities and Technology Support

Funding for these areas enhances accessibility to 21st-century technology and tools for students, faculty and researchers to remain at the forefront of scientific discovery:

  • Equipment and Technology investments enable acquisition and maintenance of state-of-the-art tools and resources that drive new breakthroughs in the life sciences
  • Research Cores Facilities support provides dedicated research lab spaces and drives collaborative approaches for university-wide research goals
Faculty Excellence

Providing academic leadership for students and guiding departmental research aims, support for these areas maintains and improves our ability to foster the talents of world-class faculty:

  • Seed Funding Opportunities support faculty to launch new labs and research projects that foster scientific inquiry and lead to real-world impacts
  • Recruitment and Retention efforts offer attractive incentives and state-of-the-art facilities to recruit and retain the best and brightest minds in the life sciences