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Graduate Resources

Basic Needs

Food and housing are basic needs that no student can succeed without. Two centers help address the basic needs of graduate students: the Aggie Compass Basic Needs Center, and the Graduate Student Association Pantry

View the Aggie Compass Basic Needs website 

Diversity Resources

The UC Davis Principles of Community affirm the campus’ commitment to ideals of inclusion, and the College of Biological Sciences offers a number of resources and initiatives to enhance the breadth and diversity of our community. The college has created a comprehensive DEI website, which includes resources for graduate students. 

View the CBS DEI website 

Financial Support

Financial support for graduate study at UC Davis is available in several forms, including: internal and external fellowships, academic employment, training grants, and financial aid. There are different procedures for applying for each type of financial assistance, so it is essential that you apply as early as possible for financial support. 


Housing is perennially tight in Davis, and the best advice is to start early when looking for housing. Here are some resources to aid in your search:

Initiative for Maximizing Student Development 

UC Davis is proud to offer support to underrepresented students entering doctoral programs in the biomedical sciences through the National Institutes of Health-Initiative for Maximizing Student Development (NIH-IMSD). The IMSD program aims to increase biomedical and behavioral sciences Ph.D. degree holders from underrepresented groups.

Visit the IMSD program website

Mental Health access - Each Aggie Matters

Each Aggie Matters offers a range of UC Davis mental well-being resources including crisis and urgent care information, confidential and professional support, and self-care resources.

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Mentoring Resources

Research shows that positive mentor-mentee relationships benefit graduate student success and well-being. Graduate students also benefit from multiple mentors and should create a mentorship network to guide them during graduate school.  Rather than seeking comprehensive mentorship from one sole mentor, graduate students should create a collective of mentors to guide them on their various needs and goals. 

View the Graduate Studies Mentoring Resources website 

Professional Development – the GradPathways Institute

Graduate education is centered on developing students’ research skills. Students often also need additional professional development skills, and the GradPathways Institute provides ongoing programming and workshops to help students develop skills to prepare for their postgraduate careers. 

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Student Parent Resources

The Student Parent Working Group has compiled a set of resources to help address the challenges particular to students with children, including information on childcare, housing, activities, community events, crisis support, financial support, and leave options.

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Tutorials and Resources for Research Skills 

The Aggie Tutorial Farm is an interdisciplinary tutorial resource curated by UC Davis students, faculty and staff in the College of Biological Sciences. These are tutorials that will be useful for post-docs, students and faculty to learn new skills, especially during times when access to hands-on research is restricted.

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UC Davis Graduate Studies

Graduate Studies is the primary administrative unit tasked with overseeing graduate student support and resources throughout your graduate experience. Whether it's working behind the scenes with your faculty and graduate program staff, assisting you in identifying funding opportunities, setting policy for research and teaching appointments, developing academic and professional skills training, or helping you achieve well-being and life balance, Graduate Studies is here to help you achieve academic success by supporting you from the day you are admitted until you’ve earned your graduate degree.

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