Undergraduate Minors

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Special Emphasis in A Chosen Field of Study 

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The minor programs offered in the UC Davis College of Biological Sciences allow a student to specialize in a specific field of study to gain new skills, seek potential career paths, or simply pursue a new or long-standing personal interest. 

All minors offered with the College of Biological Sciences are offered as majors; thus, pursuing such minors can enhance and add to a student's skill-set and expertise. If you are interested in two or more areas of study, you should consider completing one or more minor programs outside of the College of Biological Sciences. Minor program requirements are listed in the UC Davis catalog under the department that offers them.

What's in a Minor?

A minor consists of 18 to 24 units in upper division courses specified by the department or program offering the minor. Courses used to satisfy the requirements of a minor, including those completed elsewhere, must be approved by an adviser in the sponsoring department or program. You are also expected to complete all courses that are a prerequisite to the upper division courses required for the minor. Students in the College of Biological Sciences may not complete a minor in the same field as their major. This includes any minor offered by the department or curriculum committee in charge of the student's major. All major and minor requirements must be completed within the 225 total unit limit.

To request certification of a minor, you must have a grade point average of 2.000 in all courses required for the minor. At most, one course used in satisfaction of your major may be applied to your minor. If you elect more than one minor, the minors may not have any courses in common. If you want to have completion of a minor certified on your transcript, you must submit a minor petition form (online at students.ucdavis.edu) no later than the deadline for filing for graduation. You can select only one minor in a subject area. Requirements for the minor must be met by the time of graduation.

College of Biological Sciences Undergraduate Majors

In addition to minors offered by the College of Biological Sciences, undergraduates may also select a minor from a variety of subject areas and disciplines across campus.

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