Dietmar Kueltz

Dietmar Kueltz

Position Title

Department of Animal Science, College of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences

2131c Meyer Hall

Profile Introduction

Proteomics and physiological genomics of environmental stress adaptation in fishes; Evolution of environmental stress tolerance and phenotypic plasticity; Osmosensory stress signaling in animal cells.

Research Interests

Mechanisms of biochemical adaptation of aquatic animals

Proteome evolution, Biochemical Ecology, Stress Response Networks, Quantitative Proteomics, Biological Mass Spectrometry, Evolution of biochemical mechanisms that confer tolerance towards environmental stress (salinity, temperature, pollution) in marine/ aquatic animals; Mechanistic links between molecular (proteomic) and emergent higher-order (physiology, behaviors) phenotypes that are associated with environmental stress responses of aquatic animals (emphasis: euryhaline fish); Effects of climate change-related environmental stress (salinity, temperature) on aquatic organisms (emphasis: euryhaline fish); Biochemical mechansisms of osmosensing in animal cells (emphasis: euryhaline fish).

Grad Group Affiliations

  • Animal Biology, Ecology
  • Integrative Genetics and Genomics
  • Molecular, Cellular and Integrative Physiology

Specialties / Focus

  • Animal Genomics
  • Cellular Physiology
  • Comparative Physiology
  • Computational Biology
  • Ecological and Wildlife Genetics
  • Integrated Genetics and Genomics
  • Integrative Physiology
  • Molecular Physiology
  • Renal Physiology


  • ANG 111 Molecular Genetics Lab, Winter
  • ABI 50A Animal Biology Lab, Fall
  • MCP 255 Stress Physiology, Spring
  • ABG 255 Stress Physiology, Spring
  • ANS 18 Biology and Culture of Aquatic Animals, Fall
  • ABG 290 Biological Mass Spectrometry and Quantitative Proteomics, Spring, not offered every year


  • Kueltz Lab/ 1325-1333 Meyer Hall

Field Sites

  • Hopkins Marine Station
  • Bodega Bay Marine Laboratory

Professional Societies

  • American Society for Biochemistry and Molecular Biology
  • American Physiological Society
  • Society of Integrative and Comparative Biology
  • Society for Experimental Biology
  • Society for Molecular Biology and Evolution


  • 1989 DIplom (BSc/MS) Marine Ecology University of Rostock (Germany)
  • 1992 PhD Animal Physiology University of Rostock (Germany)