Gary Cherr

Gary Cherr

Position Title

Bodega Marine Laboratory
Department of Environmental Toxicology, College of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences
Department of Nutrition, College of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences

Bodega Marine Laboratory

Profile Introduction

Sperm-egg interaction in invertebrates, lower vertebrates, and primates. Reproductive and developmental toxicology

Research Interests

Mammalian sperm beta-defensins and their role in sperm transport and immuno-protection.  Sperm motility initiation in fish and role of egg ligands and environmental ionic conditions. The effect of contaminants on early development in sea urchins and fish.

Grad Group Affiliations

  • Pharmacology and Toxicology


  • ETX 127 Environmental stress and development in marine organisms, Summer 1
  • NPB 141 Physiological Adaptations in Marine Organisms, Spring
  • NPB 141P Physiological Adaptations Lab and Research, Spring
  • ETX 120 Aquatic Toxicology, Winter

Professional Societies

  • American Chemical Society
  • AAAS


  • 1979 BA Biology Sonoma State University
  • 1984 PhD Zoology University of California, Davis


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