Gerd LaMar

Position Title
Professor of Chemistry

Department of Chemistry

201 Chemistry Building


  • 1964 PhD Chemistry Princeton University


La Mar GN, JD Satterlee, and JS de Ropp. 2000. NMR of Hemoproteins. In:The Porphyrin Handbook. 5:185-298

de Ropp JS, P Mandal, and GN La Mar. 1999. Solution 1H NMR investigation of the heme cavity and substrate binding site in cyanide-inhibited horseradish peroxidase. Biochemistry. 38:1077-1086

Wang PL, L Calzolai, KL Bren, Q Teng, FE Jenney Jr., PS Brereton, JB Howard, M W W Adams, and GN La Mar. 1999. Secondary structure extensions in Pyrococcus furiosus ferredoxin destabilize the disulfide bond relative to that in other hyperthermostab