James Richards

James Richards

Position Title

Department of Land Air and Water Resources, College of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences

2226 Plant and Environmental Sciences Building

Research Interests

Plant physiological ecology, Plant mineral nutrition, Stress physiology, Soil-plant interelationships, Plant adaptation to climate

Grad Group Affiliations

  • Grad Group in Ecology; Soils and Biogeochemistry Grad Group

Specialties / Focus

  • Environmental and Integrative Biology


  • SAS 11 California Geography, Fall
  • SSC 208 Soil-Plant Interrelationships, Winter (even yrs)
  • PBI 210 Plant Ecophysiology, Winter (odd yrs)
  • ECL 290 Plant Ecophysiology Discussion/Seminar, Winter (odd yrs)
  • PLS 158 Mineral Nutrition of Plants , Spring (odd yrs)


  • Plant Physiological Ecology and Root Ecology http://lawr.ucdavis.edu/directory_facultypages.php?id=24
    • Lisa Auchincloss Ben Janes

Field Sites

  • Mono Basin Ecosystem Research Site (MBERS)
  • Sacramento River (RM192) Cottonwood Establishment Site


  • 1970 BS Biology California Institute of Technology
  • 1981 PhD Botany (Plant Ecology) University of Alberta, Canada


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