Judy Jernstedt

Judy Jernstedt

Position Title

Department of Plant Sciences, College of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences

213 Hunt Hall

Grad Group Affiliations

  • Plant Biology

Specialties / Focus

  • Cell and Developmental Biology
  • Systematics and Evolutionary Biology


  • 1973 BS Botany Oregon State University
  • 1974 MS Plant Physiology University of California, Davis
  • 1979 PhD Botany University of California, Davis


Lu P and JA Jernstedt. 1996. Rhizophore and root development in Selaginella martensii: meristem transitions and identity. International Journal of Plant Sciences. 157(2):180-194

Munoz CA, BD Webster, and JA Jerstedt. 1995. Spatial congruence between exine pattern, microtubules and endomembranes in Vigna pollen. Sexual Plant Reproduction. 8:147-151

Southworth D and JA Jerstedt. 1995. Pollen exine development precedes microtubule rearrangement in Vigna unguiculata (Fabaceae): a model for pollen wall patterning. Protoplasma. 187:79-87