Kathryn Radke

Position Title

Department of Animal Science, College of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences

1219 Meyer Hall

Grad Group Affiliations

  • Microbiology

Specialties / Focus

  • Molecular Medicine


  • MCB 257 Cellular proliferation and cancer genes, Fall
  • MCB 295 Literature in molecular and cellular biology, Winter,Spring
  • SAS 15 AIDS and Society, Spring

Honors and Awards

  • Damon Runyon Fellow in Cancer Research
  • Research fellow, Alexander von Humboldt Stiftung
  • Senior Fellow, California Division of the American Cancer Society
  • Junior Faculty Research Award, American Cancer Society


    • 1971 BS Biology Tufts University
    • 1976 PhD Genetics University of California, Davis


    Fulton, BE, Jr., M Portella and K Radke. 2006. Dissemination of bovine leukemia virus-infected cells from a newly infected sheep lymph node. Journal of Virology 80:7873-7884.

    Novakovic, S, ET Sawai and K Radke. 2004. Di-leucine and YXXL motifs in the cytoplasmic tail of the bovine leukemia virus transmembrane envelope protein affect protein expression on the cell surface. Journal of Virology 78: 8301-8311.

    Johnston ER, Albritton LM and K Radke. 2002. Envelope proteins containing single amino acid substitutions support a structural model of the receptor-binding domain of bovine leukemia virus surface protein. Journal of Virology. 76:10861-10872

    Johnston ER and K Radke. 2000. The SU and TM envelope protein subunits of bovine leukemia virus are linked by disulfide bonds, both in cells and in virions. Journal of Virology. 74:2930-2935