Leonard M. Hjelmeland

Position Title

Department of Eye Center, School of Medicine

2403 Med Sci 1A

Research Interests

Regulation of growth factor gene expression.

Specialties / Focus

  • Differentiation, Morphogenesis and Wound Healing


  • 1971 BS Stanford University
  • 1976 PhD Stanford University


Mishima K, JT Handa JT, A Aotaki-Keen, GA Lutty, LS Morse, and LM Hjelmeland. 1999. Senescence-associated beta-galactosidase histochemistry for the primate eye. Investigative Ophthalmology and Visual Science. 40:1590-1593.

Matsunaga H, JT Handa, A Aotaki-Keen, SW Sherwood, MD West, and LM Hjelmeland. 1999. Beta-galactosidase histochemistry and telomere loss in senescent retinal pigment epithelial cells [see comments]. Investigative Ophthalmology and Visual Science. 40:197-2

Gelfman CM, CM Kelleher, and LM Hjelmeland. 1998. Differentiation of retinal pigment epithelial cells in vitro uncovers silencer activity in the FGF-5 gene promoter. Experimental Eye Research. 67:151-62.