Pete Klimley

Pete Klimley

Position Title
Adjunct Professor

Department of Wildlife, Fish and Conservation Biology, College of Ag. and Environ. Sciences
John Muir Institute of the Environment

1334 Academic Surge

Profile Introduction

Predator-prey, interactions, orientation mechanisms, and magnetoreception among marine fishes; biotelemetry.

Research Interests

Dr. Klimley oversees research conducted in the Biotelemetry Laboratory at UC Davis. He has been involved in the development of many facets of animal tracking system from the origination of algorithms for inferring geographical position based on irradiance and magnetic field measurements to the creation of stand-alone receivers that detect the identity of species passing by carrying coded acoustic beacons. Under his guidance, undergraduates, graduate students, and staff utilize sophisticated electronic tagging equipment to study the physiology, behavior, and ecology of aquatic and terrestrial species. Members of the Biotelemetry Laboratory have conducted studies ranging from (1) use of two dimensional VRAP and VPS arrays to study reproduction in abalones and white shark predation, (2) utilizing emg transmitters to record tails beats of trout to record their energetic output during pulsed flow for electrical energy generation and 3-axis acceleration sensors to monitor anti-predator behavior in ant eaters, and (3) satellite transmitters to record optimal foraging by brown bears and pop-up release satellite transmitters that recorded the diving behavior of hammerhead sharks. Much of the work is conservation oriented in the Biotelemetry Laboratory.

Grad Group Affiliations

  • Animal Behavior
  • Ecology Graduate Group

Specialties / Focus

  • Behavior and Conservation
  • Physiology and Behavior


  • WFC 10 Conservation Biology (Guest Lecture, Shark Conservation), Fall
  • WFC 121 Physiology of Fishes (Guest Lecture, Electro-reception), Winter
  • WFC 100 Vetebrate Field Methods (Guest Lecture, Marine Vertebrate Techniques, Spring
  • EGG 290 Ecology of Animal Movements (given on alternating years), Spring
  • EGG 290 Ecology of Animal Movements (Seminar, on Alternating Years), Spring


  • Biotelemetry Laboratory
    • Battleson, Ryan (Junior Specialist, UCD)Chapman, Eric (Research Associate, UCD) Hearn, Alex (Project Scientist, UCD) Kanive, Paul (Graduate Student, Montana State) Miller, Emily (Graduate Student, Ecology Graduate Group, UCD) Madrak, Sheila (Graduate Student, Ecology Graduate Group, UCD/SFSU) Mora, Ethan (Graduate Student, Ecology Graduate Group, UCD) Nafus, Melia (Graduate Student, Ecology Graduate Group, UCD) Poletto, Jamilyn (Graduate Student, Animal Behavior Graduate Group, UCD) Sandstrom, Phil (Graduate Student, Ecology Graduate Group, UCD) Singer, Gabe (Graduate Student, Ecology Graduate Group, UCD) Steel, Ana (Graduate Student, Ecology Graduate Group, UCD) Thomas, Mike (Research Associate, UCD) Rowlands, Myfanwy (Graduate Student, Animal Behavior Graduate Group, UCD) Yack, Tina (Graduate Student, Ecology Graduate Group, UCD/SFSU)

Professional Societies

  • Animal Behavior Society
  • American Society of Ichthyologists and Herpetologists
  • American Fisheries Society
  • Sigma Xi


  • 1982 PhD Scripps Institution of Oceanography - Marine Biology University of California, San Diego
  • 1976 MS Biological Oceanography University of Miami
  • 1970 BS Zoology State University of New York


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