(Roslyn) Rivkah Isseroff, MD

Headshot Isseroff

Position Title
Professor of Dermatology

  • Department of Dermatology, School of Medicine
Institute for Regenerative Cures, UC Davis Stem Cell Program
UC Davis Dermatology, 3301 CSt, SACRAMENTO CA 95816

Specialties / Focus

Dr. Isseroff focuses on healing wounds, both in patients with chronic wounds, and in the laboratory, investigating new approaches to improve healing. In her Wound Clinic (within the affiliated Veterans Association Health Care Systems of Northern California), she treats patients with chronic wounds of any cause, including diabetes, venous disease, pressure ulcers, collagen vascular disease. She directs the multi-specialty Wound clinic, and directs the VA Dermatology Clinical Research Unit, that carries out clinical trials.

As an investigator she studies what mechanisms can modulate cell migration, improve tissue regeneration and mitigate wound infection. She also engineers tissues using scaffolds and mesenchymal stem cells to speed tissue regeneration. The roles of catecholamine stress hormomens in regulating growith of mammalian cells and bacterial pathogens are studied in relation to wound healing. The lab uses multiple approaches including in vitro, ex vivo (human skin) and in vivo (mouse, pig) wound models. Her bench work on catecholamine stress and healing has been translated to patient therapies, where inhibitors are now being tested in clinical trials to improve healing. She has ongoing research funding from the California Institute of Regenerative Medicine, the NIH, the VA and industry.


  • M.D.- Albert Einstein College of Medicine


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