Richard P. Tucker

Richard Tucker

Position Title

Department of Cell Biology and Human Anatomy, School of Medicine

3414 Tupper Hall

Research Interests

Extracellular matrix and cell-cell interactions during development

We study the roles of the extracellular matrix during development, especially how tenascins and thrombospondins influence cell motility, proliferation and differentiation.

Grad Group Affiliations

  • Biochemistry, Molecular, Cellular and Developmental Biology

Specialties / Focus

  • Differentiation, Morphogenesis and Wound Healing


  • CHA 400 Radiologic, Gross and Developmental Anatomy, Summer II and Fall
  • BCB 213 Developmental Biology, Winter
  • CHA 200 Graduate Human Anatomy, Winter


  • 3441 Tupper Hall

Honors and Awards

  • Gian Tondury Prize (Swiss Society for Anatomy, Histology and Embryology) 1989

    Professional Societies

    • American Society for Cell Biology
    • Society for Developmental Biology
    • American Association of Anatomists
    • Histochemical Society


    • 1980 BA Zoology Miami University
    • 1981 BPhil Interdisciplinary Study Miami University Western College
    • 1986 PhD Zoology University of California, Davis


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