Sanjeevi Sivasankar

Sanjeevi Sivasankar

Position Title
Associate Professor

Department of Biomedical Engineering

2519 GBSF

Research Interests

Molecular and cellular mechanobiology, single molecule biophysics, instrument development

Dr. Sivasankar aims to resolve the physical principles by which cells sense and respond to mechanical stimuli. The Sivasankar Group focuses on two research themes: biophysical studies of mechanical tension sensing in cells and bioengineering tool development. The group’s projects include biophysical studies of cell-cell adhesion and its regulation and the development of high resolution techniques to quantify the effect of mechanical force on protein structure-function.

Grad Group Affiliations

  • Biophysics
  • Biomedical Engineering

Specialties / Focus

  • Dynamics and Biophysical Engineering
  • Spectroscopy and Imaging
  • Structural Biology, Membranes and Macromolecular Assembly


  • Ph.D. (Biophysics): University of Illinois at Urbana Champaign
  • Postdoctoral Fellowship (Biophysics): Stanford University/UC Berkeley (Advisor: Prof. Steven Chu)


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