Steven E. Anderson

Steven Anderson

Position Title
Research Physiologist

Department of Physiology and Membrane Biology, School of Medicine

Rm. 4147A, Tupper Hall

Profile Introduction

Na, H, and Ca transport in hypoxic/ischemic myocardium.

Research Interests

Water, Na, H, and Ca transport in hypoxic/ischemic brain and myocardium.

Specialties / Focus

  • Cardiorespiratory Physiology
  • Cellular Physiology

Professional Societies

  • American Physiological Society


  • 1974 BA Physiology/Psychology University of Minnesota
  • 1982 PhD Physiology University of Minnesota


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Anderson, S.E., D. M. Kirkland, A. Beyschau, and P. M. Cala. 2005. Acute effects of 17ß-estradiol on pH, Na, and Ca and ischemia/reperfusion injury. Am J Physiol: Cell Physiology 288(1): C57-C64.

Anderson, S. E., H. Liu, A. Beyschau, and P. M. Cala. 2006. Effects of cold cardioplegia on pH, Na, and Ca in newborn rabbit hearts. Am J Physiol Heart Circ Physiol 290(3):H1090-H1097.

Medina, D. C., D. M. Kirkland, M. F. Tavazoie, C. S. Springer Jr., and S. E. Anderson. 2007. Na+/Ca2+-exchanger-mediated Mn2+-enhanced 1H2O MRI in hypoxic, perfused rat myocardium. Contrast Media and Molecular Imaging 2(5):248-257.

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