Thomas E. Goliber

Thomas Goliber

Position Title
Academic Coordinator Emeritus

Department of Plant Biology, College of Biological Sciences

3033C Sciences Laboratory Building

Specialties / Focus

  • Cell and Developmental Biology


  • 1979 BS Applied Physics Michigan Technological University
  • 1989 PhD Botany University of California, Berkeley


Bharathan, G*., Goliber, T.*, Moore, C., Kessler, S., Pham, T., Sinha, N. (2002) Homologies in leaf form inferred from KNOX1 gene expression during development. Science 296(5574):1858-1860 *These authors contributeed equally to this work

Goliber, T., Kessler, S., Chen J-J., Bharathan, G. and Sinha, N. (1998) Genetic, molecular, and morphological analysis of compound leaf development. Current Topics in Developmental Biology, 43: 259-290.

Goliber, T. E. and Feldman, L. J. (1990) Developmental analysis of leaf plasticity in the heterophyllous aquatic plant Hippuris vulgaris. American Journal of Botany, 77: 399-412.

Goliber, T.E. and L.J. Feldman (1989) Osmotic stress, endogenous abscisic acid, and the control of leaf morphology in Hippuris vulgaris L., Plant, Cell and Environment., 12: 163-171.

Goliber, T.E. (1989) Endogenous abscisic acid content correlates with light intensity and induced leaf morphology in Hippuris vulgaris L., Plant Physiology, 89:732-734.

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