Truman P. Young


Position Title
Professor and Restoration Ecologist

Department of Plant Sciences
Graduate Group in Ecology
Center for Population Biology

2234 PES Building

Grad Group Affiliations

  • Ecology (Chair)
  • Population Biology

Specialties / Focus

  • Restoration Ecology
  • Population and Community Ecology
  • Grassland/Rangeland/Savanna Ecology

Field Sites

  • Mpala Research Centre, Laikipia, Kenya
  • Northern California


  • 1981: PhD, Biology, University of Pennsylvania
  • 1975: BA, Biology, University of Chicago

Selected Publications (out of >200)

Young, T.P., C. Riginos, K.E. Veblen, W.O. Odadi, D. Kimuyu, L.M. Porensky, H.S. Young, and G.K. Charles. 2018. Relationships between cattle and biodiversity in a multi-use landscape revealed by the Kenya Long-term Exclosure Experiment (KLEE). Rangeland Ecology and Management 71:281-291. [Editor’s Choice]

Stuble, K.L., S.E. Fick, T.P. Young. 2017. Every restoration is unique: testing year effects and site effects as determinants of initial restoration trajectories. Journal of Applied Ecology 54:1051–1057

Young, T.P., K.L. Stuble, K.L., J.A. Balachowski, and C.M. Werner. 2017. Using priority effects to manipulate competitive relationships in restoration. Restoration Ecology 25:S114–S123.

Veblen, K.E., L.M. Porensky, C. Riginos, and T.P. Young. 2016. Are cattle surrogate wildlife? Savanna plant community composition explained by total herbivory, not herbivore identity. Ecological Applications 26: 1610-1623

Young, T.P. D.A. Petersen & J.J. Clary. 2005. The ecology of restoration: historical links, emerging issues, and unexplored realms. Ecology Letters 8:662-673.

Young, T.P. 1974. Colorado. San Juan Mountains. Pages 14-15 in: Accidents in North American Mountaineering: Twenty-seventh Annual Report of the Safety Committee. American Alpine Club, NY.