Plant Biology Ph.D. Student Katie Murphy Wins Systemwide UC Grad Slam

May 10, 2019
Plant Biology Ph.D. student Katie Murphy of UC Davis won today’s UC Grad Slam, judged the best at summarizing her research in three minutes or less, for a general audience. She competed against other campus Grad Slam winners — and became the first UC Davis student to take the systemwide championship.

Plant Biochemistry to Feed the World via the “Corn Queen” Katherine Murphy

April 09, 2019
Plant biology Ph.D. student and UC Davis Grad Slam winner Katherine Murphy studies medicinal terpenes found in corn that could help bolster other crops' defenses. She’ll compete in the University of California Grad Slam Finals on May 10 in San Francisco.

Neelima Sinha Honored with Fellow of American Society of Plant Biologists Award

April 10, 2018
For her long-term contributions to the plant biology field, Sinha was recently honored by the American Society of Plant Biologists (ASPB) with a Fellow of ASPB Award, which recognizes distinguished members who have contributed to the society for at least 10 years.