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Sea Change

UC Davis Explores the Future of Ocean Acidification by David Slipher Beneath the sapphire waters of the Pacific shoreline, a pervasive threat to marine life grows. Human-produced carbon dioxide is altering the chemistry of the sea.

Bringing Back White Abalone, One Spa Treatment at a Time

September 21, 2016
To encourage spawning in captivity, researchers put the marine snails in a mild hydrogen peroxide solution. This hydrogen peroxide spa treatment tricks the abalone into thinking others are spawning too. The chemical reaction, which creates free radicals, may be the same or at least similar to the chemical reaction that occurs when another abalone is spawning.

Nine Ways UC Davis is Rescuing Oceans

June 06, 2016
World Oceans Day is June 8. It’s a day across the world to celebrate our large expanses of sea and to collaborate for a better future. And this is just what UC Davis scientists are doing. Our researchers are discovering how climate change and human garbage hurt our oceans and their flora and fauna.