Gene Network Lets Plant Roots Handle Nitrogen

October 24, 2018
With robotics, computers and advanced genetics, researchers at the University of California, Davis, and Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory have established a core set of genes that help plants metabolize nitrogen, the key to plant growth and crop yield.

Associate Professor of Plant Biology Siobhan Brady Named a Chancellor's Fellow

January 25, 2018
They are prolific scholars, strong teachers, effective mentors and dedicated contributors to campus. This year, the College of Biological Sciences is pleased to announce that Associate Professor Siobhan Brady, Department of Plant Biology and the Genome Center, was named a Chancellor's Fellow.

Sharon Gray’s Mentorship Lives On

October 17, 2016
To preserve her legacy of mentorship, and hopefully bring this scientist to the United States, Sharon Gray’s family is raising money via GoFundMe to mentor women in science. “The mission of this current campaign is to make something positive out of this tragedy,” Markelz wrote for the GoFundMe site.

Brady Lab Unlocks Genetics Enabling Plant Growth

January 06, 2015
Green shoots are a sign of spring, but growing those shoots and roots is a complicated process. Now researchers at UC Davis and the University of Massachusetts Amherst have for the first time described part of the network of genetic controls that allows a plant to grow.