The Infection Heist: How Social Viruses Team Up for the Perfect Score

July 11, 2019
Much like characters in a bank heist, viruses in competitive environments can collaborate for their share of the "score" of successfully co-infecting hosts. But these relationships may change once inside the host cell, according to Assistant Professor Samuel Díaz-Muñoz​.

Uncovering How Dengue, Zika Viruses Manipulate Hosts

December 13, 2018
A new, holistic approach to biology is giving researchers new insights into how the Dengue and Zika viruses attack their hosts and, in the case of Zika, affect brain development.

UC Davis Receives $1 Million From Keck Foundation Following Virus Discovery

September 06, 2018
Researchers at UC Davis and the University of Alberta, Canada, have made preliminary discoveries about how Zika and hepatitis C viruses reproduce at the cellular level, providing new insight into a family of viruses that also includes West Nile and dengue.

Shining a Light on the Social Lives of Viruses with Samuel Díaz-Muñoz

October 18, 2017
To gain an understanding into how viruses spread, and ultimately evolve, Samuel Díaz-Muñoz, assistant professor of microbiology and molecular genetics in the College of Biological Sciences at the University of California, Davis, explores the hustle and bustle of viruses’ social lives in a new paper published in Cell Host & Microbe.