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Advancing Diversity in Neuroscience Research

The Advancing Diversity in Neuroscience Research (ADNR) Program aims to increase the diversity of undergraduate students that pursue advanced degrees and research careers in neuroscience.

Eligibility for the ADNR program is restricted to BUSP students, who apply to the ADNR program in winter quarter of their freshman year. Participation in ADNR starts the fall of sophomore year and extends through spring of sophomore year, in conjunction with BUSP.

In addition to participating in the BUSP sophomore curriculum, ADNR students attend special neuroscience research seminars, take NPB 12, and engage in paid internships in a neuroscience research lab.

ADNR and ADNR-Honors are funded by the National Institute of Neurological Disorders and Stroke.


ADNR Provides:
  • funds (up to $1,500 per quarter) for sophomores to participate in neuroscience research in winter and spring quarter
  • academic and advising support
ADNR Scholar Obligations:
  • commit 9 months to the program
  • engage in research at least 10 hours per week during winter and spring quarter
  • attend all regularly scheduled meetings, program workshops and functions
  • fully participate in the ADNR/BUSP curriculum
  • meet regularly with the ADNR adviser
  • maintain competitive GPA
  • actively engage in their research lab, attend lab meetings etc.


To be eligible for ADNR, a student must meet the following requirements:


The application for ADAR, ADNR, and the BUSP Research Component is due March 29 at 11:59pm. If you are a BUSP student who would like to apply for one or all these programs, please check the BIS 11 Canvas site for the link.