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Michael Savageau

Michael Savageau Elected Fellow of the American Academy of Microbiology

Juvenile rhesus macaque, a species of Old World monkeys

Harris Lewin: Reconstruction of Ancient Chromosomes Offers Insight Into Mammalian Evolution

2017 CBS Senior Awards

Top Undergraduates Recognized with College of Biological Sciences Senior Awards

John Cuppoletti, ’74 B.S. & ’77 Ph.D.

Real-Life Alumni: John Cuppoletti, ’74 B.S. & ’77 Ph.D., Professor Emeritus of Molecular and Cellular Physiology, University of Cincinnati

Mouse Cortex

Mice Provide Insight Into Genetics of Autism Spectrum Disorders

Peter Wainwright

Peter Wainwright Recognized with Faculty Research Lecture Award, Academic Senate's Highest Honor

Kassandra Ori-McKenney

Kassandra Ori-McKenney's March of Dimes Early Career Award Supports Neuronal Development Research

Howard Hughes Medical Institute Logo

HHMI Awards $1 Million Grant for Educational Equity


Harnessing Bacteria-Infected Mosquitoes to Reduce Virus Transmission with Michael Turelli

DNA Illustration

Kowalczykowski: Close-up View of DNA Replication Yields Surprises

Srujan Kopparapu

Top UC Davis Graduate Earns 2 Degrees in 3 Years

Jodi Nunnari

Cell Biologist Jodi Nunnari Elected to National Academy of Sciences