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Jenna Gallegos and model plant Arabidopsis

Graduate Student Jenna Gallegos: Plant Genes May Lack Off Switch, But Have Volume Control

JaRue Manning

JaRue Manning Honored as ‘Double’ Distinguished Emeritus

Jennifer Diamond STEM Transfer Award

Undergraduate Jennifer Diamond Receives Excellence in STEM Award 

Maud Hinchee, '75 B.S. & '81 Ph.D.

Real-Life Alumni: Maud Hinchee, '75 B.S. & '81 Ph.D., chief science officer at Agricen Sciences

pancreas cells

Mark Huising's Team Discovers New Type of Insulin-Producing Cell 

Jonathan Eisen

Social Media, Open Access and Confronting Bad Science: Q&A with Jonathan Eisen

Kassandra Ori-McKenney

Kassandra McKenney's March of Dimes Early Career Award Supports Neuronal Development Research

Lattice Light-Sheet Microscope

Lattice Light-Sheet Microscope Enables Discovery in Cellular Biology

American Society for Plant Biologists Logo

Comai and Lagarias Recognized by American Society of Plant Biologists

Assistant Professor Sean Collins

Kimmel Scholar Award Propels Sean Collins’ Immune Cell Cancer Research

Sorghum Grass Parasitic Plant

Siobhan Brady and Gates Foundation PROMISE Project to Help African Farmers Protect Sorghum Crops from Parasitic Plants

Jodi Nunnari

Jodi Nunnari Receives International Feodor Lynen Medal