• Celebrating 10 Years
Mark Winey

Join us in welcoming Dean Mark Winey to the College of Biological Sciences

Cameron Carter

Neuroscience Director Cameron Carter is Interim Vice Chancellor for Research

2016 CBS Senior Awards

Research fuels recognition and opportunity for graduating seniors with CBS awards

Gail Patricelli

Leading by example - Gail Patricelli recognized with Faculty Teaching Award

Sunflowers in field

Tracking the sunflower's internal clock with Stacy Harmer. professor of plant biology

Closeup of Pigeon

Urban pigeons, the 21st century 'canaries in the coal mine' for lead polllution?

White abalone

Saving the white abalone, one spa treatment at a time at the Bodega Marine Laboratory

Siobhan Brady

Plant biologist Siobhan Brady named a Hughes Faculty Scholar

Japanese Beetle

Why insect pests love monocultures, and how plant diversity could change that


How a genetic mutation from 1 bull caused the loss of half a million calves worldwide

Sharon Gray

Sharon Gray’s legacy lives on through fund to mentor women in science 

Grand Canyon Rapids

Join UC Davis students and faculty on their journey of science, education and discovery.