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Rana Rand

Real-Life Alumni: Rana Rand, ’02 B.S., Physiatrist, Sonora Regional Medical Center

Melvin Green

Long-Lived: Remembering Melvin Green, A UC Davis Genetics Pioneer

Helena and Walter Leal

Walter and Helena Leal: Father and Daughter Team Up to Study How Mosquitoes Choose Whom to Bite

Phi Sigma Honor Society Sash

Getting Involved: Phi Sigma Biological Sciences Honor Society Activities and New Officers

Richard Addante

Real-Life Alumni: Richard Addante, ’11 Ph.D., HERA Crew Member, NASA

cabbage white butterfly

Art Shapiro: Annual Butterfly for a Beer Contest Launches

Hydra under Microscope

Celina Juliano: Hydra and the Quest to Understand Immortality

UC Davis and Academia Sinica logos

UC Davis Hosts Joint Biological Sciences Research Symposium with Academia Sinica of Taiwan

Alec Avey

Engineering Injury Resistance, One Ligament at a Time: Undergraduate Research in the Keith Baar Lab

neurons under microscope

Karen Zito: NIH Grant Supports Collaborative UC Effort to Visualize Brain Learning

Briana Rocha-Gregg

The Young Scientist Program: Promoting K-12 Life Science in Local Communities

healthy food

Raymond Rodriguez: Can Diet Help Prevent or Postpone Cognitive Decline?