Executive Committee September 2017 - August 2018


Annual Faculty Meeting

June 6, 2017

Agenda and Presentations

Dean Winey's Comments


October 27, 2017

Anne Britt, Chair
Plant Biology

Ted Powers, Vice-Chair
Molecular and Cellular Biology

Department Representatives

Hwai-Jong Cheng
Neurobiology, Physiology & Behavior (Term ends 8/31/18)

Bo Liu
Plant Biology (Term ends 8/31/20)

Bruce Draper
Molecular & Cellular Biology (Term ends 8/31/18)

Stephen Kowalczykowski
Microbiology & Molecular Genetics (Term ends 8/31/19)

Johanna (Annie) Schmitt
Evolution & Ecology (Term ends 8/31/18)

Neil Hunter (at large)
Microbiology & Molecular Genetics (Term ends 8/31/19 - on sabbatical 2017-2018) 
JoAnne Engebrecht (at large) for Dr. Hunter through 8/31/18 

Michael Turelli (at large)
Evolution & Ecology (Term ends 8/31/18)

Ex-Officio Members

Mark Winey
Dean, College of Biological Sciences
Molecular and Cellular Biology

Gregg Recanzone
Associate Dean for Research and Resources, College of Biological Sciences
Neurobiology, Physiology & Behavior

John Harada
Executive Associate Dean, College of Biological Sciences
Plant Biology

Susan Keen
Associate Dean, College of Biological Sciences
Evolution & Ecology

Staff Liaison

Marianne Méndez
College of Biological Sciences

Note: Department and At-Large members serve 3-year terms.  The Vice Chair and Chair serve 1-year terms.