American Association for the Advancement of Science Fellows

Election as a Fellow of AAAS is an honor bestowed upon members by their peers. Fellows are recognized for meritorious efforts to advance science or its applications.

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Frederick T. Addicott, professor emeritus (PLB)

Judy Callis, professor (MCB)

Leo M. Chalupa, distinguished professor and chair (NPB)

Ernest S. Chang, professor (NPB)

Peter Chesson, professor emeritus (EVE)

Luca Comai, professor (PLB)

James S. Clegg, professor emeritus (MCB)

John H. Crowe, professor emeritus (MCB)

Michael Dahmus, distinguished professor emeritus and former chair (MCB)

Katayoon "Katie" Dehesh, professor (PLB)

Roy H. Doi, distinguished professor emeritus (MCB)

Emanuel Q. Epstein, professor emeritus (PLB)

Carol Erickson, professor (MCB)

Charles Gasser, professor (MCB)

Leslie D. Gottlieb, professor emeritus (EVE)

John Harada, professor (PLB)

Wolf-Dietrich Heyer, professor and department chair (MMG)

Milton Hildebrand, professor emeritus (EVE)

Barbara A. Horwitz, distinguished professor (NPB) and former Interim Provost

Neil Hunter, professor (MMG)

Edward G. Jones, distinguished professor and former director (Center for Neuroscience)

Stephen Kowalczykowski, distinguished professor (MMG)

Julie Leary, professor (MCB)

William J. Lucas, distinguished professor and chair (PLB)

Julin N. Maloof, professor (PLB)

Peter R. Marler, professor emeritus (Zoology)

Richard Michelmore professor (MCB) and director, UC Davis Genome Center

Brian C. Mulloney, professor (NPB)

Diana Myles, professor (MCB)

Richard L. Nuccitelli, professor emeritus (MCB)

Timothy G. Prout, professor emeritus (EVE)

Raymond L. Rodriguez, professor (MCB)

John Roth, distinguished professor (MMG)

Carl Schmid, professor emeritus (MCB)

Irwin Segel, distinguished professor emeritus (MCB)

Arthur M. Shapiro, professor (EVE)

Neelima Ray Sinha, professor (PLB)

Judy A. Stamps, professor emeritus (EVE)

Donald R. Strong, distinguished professor (EVE)

Paul K. Stumpf, professor emeritus (MCB) (deceased)

Venkatesan Sundaresan, professor (PLB)

John S. Werner, professor (NPB)

Susan Williams, professor (EVE) and former director (Bodega Marine Laboratory)

John C. Wingfield, professor (NPB)

Martin C. Wilson, professor (NPB)