American Academy of Microbiology Fellows

Over the last 50 years, 2,700 distinguished scientists have been elected to the Academy. Fellows are elected through a highly selective, annual, peer review process, based on their records of scientific achievement and original contributions that have advanced microbiology. A Committee on Elections, consisting of Fellows of the Academy who are elected by the membership, reviews all nominations for Fellowship and recommends to the Board of Governors what action should be taken. 

Each elected Fellow has built an exemplary career in basic and applied research, teaching, clinical and public health, industry or government service. Election to Fellowship indicates recognition of distinction in microbiology by one’s peers. Over 200 Academy Fellows have been elected to the National Academy of Sciences, while many have also been honored with Nobel Prizes, Lasker Awards, and the National Medal of Science.

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Paul Baumann, professor (MMG)

Jonathan Eisen, professor (EVE) - 2012

Neil Hunter, professor (MMG) - 2016

Wolf-Dietrich Heyer, professor (MMG) - 2012

Stephen C. Kowalczykowski, distinguished professor (MMG)

John R. Roth, distinguished professor (MMG)