The 1920s

Aggie girls 1924

Even in 1924, Aggie women wore blue canvas overalls.

Still officially a part of UC Berkeley, the Davis campus begins offering four-year degrees. Its name changes from the University Farm to the Northern Branch of the College of Agriculture.

1922: The Department of Zoology is established.

1922: Courtland Mudge joins the faculty as the campus’ first bacteriologist.

1923: Tracy Storer teaches the first zoology courses, required for animal husbandry majors. Between 21-47 students take his class each year from 1923-1928.

1924: The Department of Botany is established, with courses mandatory for plant science majors.

1928: The school’s only zoologist, Tracy Storer, opens a museum with animal specimens and publishes influential papers on rodent control to prevent bubonic plague outbreaks.