The 1960s

London reds

Red London buses became a trademark of the campus-city Unitrans system in the 1960s.

National prosperity means a time of generous support for universities, and the UC system grows exponentially throughout the decade. Enrollment at Davis balloons from about 2,000 students at the decade’s start to 12,000 at its end.

1960s: Biological Sciences is an official program, jointly residing in the College of Agriculture and the College of Letters and Science.

1964: Department of Animal Physiology (now Neurobiology, Physiology and Behavior) forms.

1966: Zoologists help form the Institute of Ecology to study interrelationships between people, plants, animals and the environment.

1967: Unitrans purchases two red double-decker buses from London Transport for $3,500 each, plus $1,000 in shipping costs. Thousands of students ride the iconic London reds to and from class in the ensuing decades.

1969: Students march on the chancellor’s office in peaceful demonstrations to protest the war in Vietnam.