The 1980s

Bodega Marine Laboratory

Bodega Marine Laboratory, situated on a 362-acre reserve along the Pacific coast, draws researchers from around the world.

Campus goes digital. With the invention of powerful mainframes and the mass-marketing of affordable PCs, the computer age revolutionizes academia -- changing everything from how scientists conduct research to how undergrads type term papers.

1980s: The Division coordinates campus-wide curricula in basic biological sciences, initiating cross-college collaborations that continue to this day.

1980s: The Department of Botany is the largest of its kind in the nation.

1983: UC Davis obtains the Bodega Marine Laboratory, positioning the university to become a leader of research of coastal ecosystems.

1985: Molecular and cellular biologist Ron Baskin and a UC San Diego colleague patent the “myometer,” a laser-based device that accurately adjusts injured muscles to the appropriate resting length for surgical reattachment.

1988: Bacteriology changes its name to the Department of Microbiology.

1989: Biotechnology pioneer Raymond Rodriguez co-founds and chairs the International Rice Genome Organization, a project that laid the groundwork for sequencing the genome of this essential food staple.

1989: The Center for Population Biology is established and the founding Director, Professor Marc Mangel, is appointed. The Center is located in Storer Hall.