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Welcome to the College of Biological Sciences' news archive. Below is a collection of articles from or about the College from 2010 to present. For more news, including articles published prior to 2010, please visit UC Davis News and Information.

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Small Fowers, Big Implications for Species Extinction in the Face of Climate Change

Alumni research

Panetta, Anne Marie


Science Says: UC Davis Grad Students Promote Science Communication

Graduate research

Science Says


How Population Genetics Can Help Breed a Hardier Honey Bee

EVE research

Ramirez, Santiago
Cridland, Julie


Smart Farm: Creating the Farm and Farmworkers of the Future

MCB research

Rodriguez, Ray


Siobhan Brady Named Chancellor's Fellow

PLB research

Brady, Siobhan


Earth BioGenome Project to Sequence All Life

EVE research

Lewin, Harris


Understanding Traffic Congestion on the Shifting Roadways of Cell Division

MCB research
Graduate Research

McKenney, Richard
Tan, Ruensern


Getting Involved: Phi Sigma Biological Sciences Honor Society Activities and New Officers


Phi Sigma Honor Society


Engineering Injury Resistance, One Ligament at a Time

NPB research
Undergraduate research

Baar, Keith
Avey, Alec


The Young Scientist Program: Promoting K-12 Life Science in Local Communities

Community outreach

Rocha-Gregg, Briana


A Butterfly for a Beer! Or Suds for a Bug!

EVE research

Shapiro, Arthur


Father and Daughter Team Up to Study How Mosquitoes Choose Whom to Bite

MCB research

Leal, Helena
Leal, Walter


Hydra and the Quest to Understand Immortality

MCB research

Juliano, Celina


Real-Life Alumni: Rana Rand, ’02 B.S., Physiatrist, Sonora Regional Medical Center

Alumni profile

Rand, Rana


It’s Good to Be Rare, for Some Species

EVE research

Grosberg, Richard


Long Lived: Remembering Melvin Green, A UC Davis Genetics Pioneer

Faculty remembers

Green, Melvin


Jodi Nunnari and Jonathan Scholey Honored as American Society for Cell Biology Fellows 

Faculty award

Nunnari, Jodi
Scholey, Jonathan


The Quantitative and Computational Future of Plant Biology

PLB research

Brady, Siobhan


ID of Pest Reproduction Pheromone May Help Fight Citrus Greening Disease

MCB research

Leal, Walter


One Place Like Home: Space Station Has Same Microbes as Your House

EVE research

Eisen, Jonathan


NIH Grant Supports Collaborative UC Effort to Visualize Brain Learning

NPB research

Zito, Karen


Real-Life Alumni: Richard Addante, ’11 Ph.D., HERA Crew Member, NASA

Alumni profile

Addante, Richard


Advocating a Computational Shift in Neuroscience Training

NPB research

Goldman, Mark


Biology Grad Student Perspective: New Tax Bill is War on Education


Kieran, Shannon
Phillips, Ryan
Pollack, Marc



Why Study Bird Brains? A Video by Rebecca Calisi

NPB research

Calisi, Rebecca


Fly Genomes Provide Clues to Parallel Evolution

EVE research Begun, David 11/27/17

Ecological Air Conditioning Offers Short-Term Protection From a Warming Climate

EVE research Gaylord, Brian 11/22/17

Can Diet Help Prevent or Postpone Cognitive Decline?

MCB research Rodriguez, Raymond 11/120/17

Seagrass Project Highlights New Paradigm for Marine Ecosystem Restoration

EVE research Williams, Susan 11/13/17

Photosynthesis Requires the Blue-Greens

MCB research Lagarias, J. Clark 11/1317
Alumni profile

Rutaganira, Flora

NPB research

Gomes, Aldrin

Student awards

Sramek, Michael


Memorial Fund Established to Honor Distinguished Professor Emeritus Roy H. Doi

Faculty remembered

Doi, Roy


Diabetes Research in Huising Lab Emphasizes Importance of Reproducibility in Science

NPB faculty

Huising, Mark


Robo-Bird or Real Lady? Gail Patricelli's "Fembots" Audubon Society Feature

EVE Faculty

Patricelli, Gail


Real-Life Alumni Profile: Erick Loomis, '07 B.S. & '13 Ph.D., Applied Genomics Scientist at Helix

Alumni profile

Loomis, Erick


Welcoming New Faculty Members to the College of Biological Sciences

CBS faculty

Díaz-Muñoz, Samuel 
Gerhart-Barley, Laci
Shah, Priya


Creating Research Opportunities in the Calisi Lab, One Undergraduate at a Time

NPB faculty
Undergraduate research

Calisi, Rebecca


Zebrafish Reproductive Development May Hold Insights into Ovarian Cancer

MCB research Draper, Bruce 10/23/17
Shining a Light on the Social Lives of Viruses with Samuel Díaz-Muñoz MMG research  Díaz-Muñoz, Samuel 10/18/17

Guardians of the Genome: UC Davis Researchers Unlock the Genetics of Cancer Research to Advance the Future of Personalized Medicine

MMG research

Heyer, Wolf-Dietrich
Kowalczykowski, Stephen
Xu, Lifeng


Professor Oliver Fiehn Awarded Paul K. and Ruth R. Stumpf Professorship in Plant Biochemistry

MCB research Fiehn, Oliver 10/17/17
Knotty Problems: Mariel Vazquez Shares How E. Coli Reconnects Tangled DNA  MMG research Vazquez, Mariel 10/11/17
“Smart” Immune Cells: Emerging Cancer Therapy Research at UC Davis Receives a Boost with NIH Award MMG research Collins, Sean 10/5/17
Real-Life Alumni: Ernesto Sandoval, '96 B.S., Curator, UC Davis Botanical Conservatory Alumni profile Sandoval, Ernesto 10/4/17
Remembering Eric Conn, a Founding Father of Biochemistry and Biophysics at UC Davis Faculty remembered Conn, Eric 9/21/17
Stacey Harmer Shines On with College of Biological Sciences Faculty Research Award Faculty award Harmer, Stacey 8/19/17
Luca Comai and Michele Igo Receive College of Biological Sciences Faculty Teaching Award Faculty awards

Comai, Luca 
Igo, Michele

Kim McAllister Leads Center for Neuroscience as First Female Director CNS staff McAllister, Kim 8/15/17
Jonathan Eisen Selected to Lead Cross-Campus Microbiome Initiative EVE research Eisen, Jonathan 7/19/17
Mice Provide Insight Into Genetics of Autism Spectrum Disorders NPB research Nord, Alex 6/26/17
Real-Life Alumni: Christina Baladi, '09 B.S., Regulatory Affairs Professional, Agios Pharmaceuticals Alumni Baladi, Christina 6/22/17
Reconstruction of Ancient Chromosomes Offers Insight Into Mammalian Evolution EVE research Lewin, Harris 6/21/17
Kowalczykowski: Close-up View of DNA Replication Yields Surprises MMG research Kowalczykowski, Steve 6/15/17
Michael Savageau Elected Fellow of the American Academy of Microbiology MMG research Savageau, Michalel 6/12/17
Top UC Davis Graduate Earns 2 Degrees in 3 Years Undergraduate Kopparapu, Srujan 6/12/17
HHMI Awards $1 Million Grant for Educational Equity Student diversity Igo, Michelle 6//8/17
Real-Life Alumni: John Cuppoletti, ’74 B.S. & ’77 Ph.D., Professor Emeritus of Molecular and Cellular Physiology, University of Cincinnati Alumni story Cuppoletti, John 6/7/17
Harnessing Bacteria-Infected Mosquitoes to Reduce Virus Transmission with Michael Turelli EVE research Turelli, Michael 6/1/17
Top Undergraduates Recognized with College of Biological Sciences Senior Awards Undergraduate

Kopparapu, Srujan

Mohajerani, Niloufar

Mollhoff, Iris

Peng, Felicia

Real-Life Alumni: Jade Lopez, ’11 B.S., Creative Digital Strategist with Youth + Tech + Health Alumni story Lopez, Jade 5/12/17
Cell Biologist Jodi Nunnari Elected to National Academy of Sciences Faculty award Nunnari, Jodi 5/3/17
Peter Wainwright Recognized with Faculty Research Lecture Award, Academic Senate's Highest Honor Faculty award Wainwright, Peter 5/1/17
Real-Life Alumni: Maud Hinchee, '75 B.S. & '81 Ph.D., Chief Science Officer at Agricen Sciences Alumni story Hinchee, Maud 4/22/17
Becca Calisi's Pigeon Study Takes on Sexism in Science NPB research Calisi, Becca 4/20/17
Faculty award

Ori-McKenney, Kassandra

Faculty award

Collins, Sean

Faculty award

Comai, Luca

Largaria, J. Clark

PB research

Gallegos, Jenna


Lattice Light-Sheet Microscope Enables Discovery in Cellular Biology

MCB research

Paddy, Michael

Nunnari, Jodi


Jodi Nunnari Receives International Feodor Lynen Medal 

Faculty award Nunnari, Jodi 4/7/17

New Type of Insulin-Producing Cell Discovered

NPB research Husing, Mark 4/4/17
Gary May Confirmed as Seventh Chancellor of UC Davis Campus news May, Gary 3/15/17
JaRue Manning Honored as ‘Double’ Distinguished Emeritus Faculty award Manning, JaRue 3/14/17
Ecology, Robotics and Love on the Lek EVE research Patricelli, Gail 2/6/17

New Steps in the Meiosis Chromosome Dance

MMG research Hunter, Neil 2/6/17

Associate Professor Aldrin Gomes, Department of Neurobiology, Physiology and Behavior named 2017 Chancellor's Fellow

Faculty awards

Gomes, Aldrin


Social media, open access and confronting bad science: Q&A with Jonathan Eisen

EVE research

Eisen, Jonathan

UC Davis Joins National Effort on Links Between Health and Exercise NPB research

Bodine, Sue

Barr, Keith


Cow Gene Study Shows Why Most Clones Fail

EVE research

Lewin, Harris


Jennifer Diamond Receives Excellence in STEM Award


Diamond. Jennifer


Meet our CAMPOS Faculty Scholars

Faculty awards

Barlow, Jacqueline

Calisi, Rebecca 

Caporale, Natalia

Vazquez, Mariel

Diaz-Munoz, Samuel


Why You Don’t Have Much Neanderthal DNA in Your Genome

EVE research, Population Biology Coop, Graham 11/10/16
EVE research

Nevit, Gabrielle

Savoca, Matthew

Faculty awards Dinesh-Kumar, Savithramma 10/31/16
Why insect pests love monocultures, and how plant diversity could change that Population Biology Wetzel, William 10/17/16
Grand Canyon 2016 EVE research 10/17/16
Sharon Gray's mentorship lives on Plant Biology Gray, Sharon 10/17/16

How a Genetic Mutation From 1 Bull Caused the Loss of Half a Million Calves Worldwide

EVE research

Lewin, Harris


Bringing back white abalone, one spa treatment at a time

BML research

Aqulino, Kristin


A new perspective on pigeons

NPB research

Calisi, Rebecca


Join us in welcoming Dean Mark Winey to the College of Biological Sciences

Dean's office

Winey, Mark


Sunflowers move by the clock

PB research

Harmer, Stacey


Leading by example - Gail Patricelli receives Faculty Teaching Award

Faculty awards

Patricelli, Gail


Key to regulating cell's powerhouse discovered- fundamental discovery has implications for health and disease

MCB reseach

Nunnari, Jodi


Research fuels recognition and opportunity for graduating seniors


West, Jessica;
Qu, Roy;
Cheah, Jenice 

Researchers study how cochlear implants affect brain circuits NPB research

Miller, Lee

Nine ways UC Davis is rescuing oceans
Coastal Marine Sciences Institute

Myhre, Sarah;

Hill, Tessa

Do zebra stripes confuse biting flies? Population Biology

Caro, Tim

UC Davis scientists explore the microbiome EVE research Eisen, Jonathan 05/13/16
An E. coli detector may be in your hands soon MMG research Pollack, Mark; Warren, Jeremy 05/12/16
Burning questions: wildfires at two UC Davis natural reserves spark scientific exploration EVE research Strauss, Susan 05/10/16
What’s behind the heartbreaking risk of anti-inflammatory drugs NPB research Gomes, Aldrin 04/25/16
MCB project scientist Nathan C. Rockwell wins Academic Federation Excellence in Research award Faculty awards Rockwell, Nathan 04/18/16
Strong, Sanford receive 2016 Academic Senate honors Faculty awards Strong, Donald; Sanford, Eric 03/14/16
Hunter named American Academy of Microbiology fellow Faculty awards Hunter, Neil 03/14/16
Memory replay prioritizes high-reward experiences Center for Neuroscience Ranganath, Charan 02/11/16
Leading genomics scholars to speak at public symposium honoring Stephen Kowalczykowski Faculty awards Kowalczykowski, Stephen 01/22/16
Cichlid extinction in Lake Victoria due to specialized jaw EVE research Wainwright, Peter; McGee, Matthew 01/20/16
UC Davis/Chile research targets muscle disease NPB research Baar, Keith 01/19/16
Zito named 2015-16 Chancellor's Fellow Faculty awards Zito, Karen 01/05/16
Cheng earns excellence in academic advising award Faculty awards Cheng, Hwai-Jong 01/05/16
Genome sequencing may save California's legendary sugar pine EVE Research Langley, Charles 12/16/15
UC Davis cracks the walnut genome EVE Research Langley, Charles 12/10/15
How spines and body shape may protect prey fish EVE Research Wainwright, Peter 11/12/15
Engebrecht to serve on Genetics Society of America's Board of Directors Faculty awards Engebrecht, JoAnne 10/16/15
Stachowicz speaks at UC Natural Reserve System's 50th anniversary event Events Stachowicz, Jay 10/09/15
Walter Leal elected to California Academy of Sciences Faculty awards Leal, Walter 10/13/15
Thompson Reuters lists professors Eisen and Fiehn among world's most influential scientists Faculty awards Fiehn, Oliver; Eisen, Jonathan 09/15/15
Molecular machine, not assembly line, assembles microtubules MCB Research Al-Bassam, Jawdat 08/19/15
Finding biomarkers for early lung cancer diagnosis MCB Research Fiehn, Oliver 08/16/15
Chédin lab discovers epigenetic changes that trigger severe autoimmune disease MCB Research Chédin, Frédéric 08/15/15
Jodi Nunnari named editor-in-chief of The Journal of Cell Biology Faculty awards Nunnari, Jodi 08/03/15
Network of tubes plays key role in plants' immune defense Faculty Research Dinesh-Kumar, Savithramma 06/25/15
Eric Sanford wins a Chancellor's Award for Excellence in Undergraduate Mentoring: Here's why Faculty awards Sanford, Eric 06/16/15
Mark Huising discovers "beautiful system" in insulin regulation that gives clues to diabetes Faculty Research Huising, Mark 06/15/15
Results for microbes collected by citizen scientists and grown on the International Space Station Faculty Research Coil, David 05/27/15
UC Davis unit aids wildlife rescue effort Faculty Research Fiorello, Christine 05/28/15
ELECTED: Hastings to NAS; Strauss, Wainwright to AAAS Faculty awards Hastings, Alan; Strauss, Sharon; Wainwright, Peter 04/30/15
Sea change: Marine ecosystems can take millennia to recover from rapid climate shifts EVE Research Moffitt, Sarah 03/30/15
Roth receives ASM Lifetime Achievement Award MMG research; AMS Roth, John 03/26/15
CBS researchers find key nutritional differences in human, monkey breast-milk Genome Center Lemay, Beck, Korf 03/16/15
Hildreth to leave UC Davis, assume presidency of Tennessee medical college Dean's office Hildreth, James 03/06/15
Horwitz donates AAAS award proceeds to NPB undergrad research NPB research; AAAS Horwitz, Barbara 03/03/15
Students rave about centralized advising center Undergraduate BASC; Keen, Susan 02/11/15
Spawning success for white abalone Bodega Marine Research Aqulino, Kristin 01/29/15
Smothered oceans: Extreme oxygen loss accompanied past global climate change EVE Research Moffitt, Sarah 01/28/15
Brady Lab unlocks genetics that enable plant growth PB Research Brady, Siobhan 01/06/15
Human population genetics expert Graham Coop a 2014-15 Chancellor's Fellow Faculty honors Coop, Graham 01/05/15
Average American eats an insane number of bacteria each day EVE Research Eisen, Jonathan 12/12/14
Lucas Lab: Bitter taste but good medicine from wild cucumbers PB research Lucas, William 12/01/14
Cheng Lab pioneers techniques that unveil secrets of HIV and other viruses NPB research Cheng, Holland 11/14/14
CBS Dean James Hildreth trains a new generation of scientists to rein in HIV MCB research Hildreth, James 11/13/14
Student inventors' olive oil sensor takes grand prize in international iGem competition Undergraduate research Ritz, Sarah; Lucas, James 11/03/14
Male vs. female: Researchers pinpoint how persimmon trees separate the sexes PB research Comai, Luca 10/30/14
Breakthrough discoveries pave way for new, improved mosquito repellents MCB research Leal, Walter 10/27/14
Santiago Ramirez named a 2014 Packard Foundation Fellow Faculty awards, EVE research Ramirez, Santiago 10/19/14
Distinguished Alumnus Kidd lands instrument on Mars 2020 Rover Alumni Kidd, Richard 10/09/14
Grad student discovers how alpine butterflies rebound after die-off Graduate Caplins, Serena 10/15/14
BRAIN Initiative: Trimmer to co-lead NIH award; Zito and Usrey receive NSF EAGER awards NPB research Trimmer, Usrey, Zito 09/30/14
Fighting poisons with bacteria: Going inside the rice microbiome PB research Sundaresan, Venkatesan 09/15/14
Evolutionary biology key to tackling diverse global problems, study finds EVE research Strauss, Sharon 09/11/14
Collaborating for the Cure MMG research Kowalczykowski, Steve; Heyer, Wolf 09/05/14
Farmworkers’ son active in UC Davis research wins prestigious NIH scholarship Undergraduate Corrales, Abraham 08/26/14
Protein is key to forming short-term memories CNS Research Fioravante, Diasynou 08/6/14
Internal clock choreographs sunflowers' moves PLB research Harmer, Stacey 07/17/14
With climate changing, Southern plants do better than Northern locals EVE research Schmitt, Johanna 05/20/14
Theg lab pinpoints energetic motor for import of proteins into chloroplasts PLB research Theg, Steve 07/08/14
Mark Goldman named a 2014 Howard Hughes Medical Institute professor Faculty awards Goldman, Mark 07/01/14
Genome elimination: Translating basic research into a future tool for plant breeding PLB research Comai, Luca 06/23/14
James Hildreth elected to Harvard University Board of Overseers Faculty awards Hildreth, James 06/02/14
Alana Firl joins CBS as the inaugural New Biology Postdoctoral Fellow New biology fellowship Firl, Alana 06/18/14
Freshmen volunteer to test Tahoe water quality Undergraduate Cohorts 06/05/14
JoAnne Engebrecht receives Chancellor's Award for Excellence in Mentoring Undergraduate Research Faculty awards Engebrecht, JoAnne 05/29/14
James Trimmer receives 2014 Faculty Award for Excellence in Service to Graduate Students (AEGS) Faculty awards Trimmer, James 05/29/14
Axana Rodriguez-Torres recognized for outstanding student leadership Undergraduate Rodriguez-Torres, Axana 05/16/14
2013 University Medalist headed to Yale Alumni spotlight Sitkin, Nicole 05/16/14
Student snapshot: Keith Dunaway and Chenoa Wilcox Student awards Students 05/16/14
Loss of African wildlife spurs a cascade of consequences in savannas Research Young, Truman 05/07/14
Buildings, bikes and even our purple gloves are green UC Davis Sustainability 05/13/14
UC Davis partnership with Pioneer High benefits budding scientists Outreach Pioneer High 03/06/14
Susan Keen receives Distinguished Teaching Award Faculty awards Keen, Susan 04/29/14
Algae “see” a wide spectrum of light MCB research Lagarias, Clark 04/30/14
40th class of AAAS Mass Media Fellows heads for science newsrooms Student awards Wheeler, Sarah 04/29/14
The continuing evolution of genes EVE research Begun, David 04/28/14
Three tapped for American Academy of Arts and Sciences Faculty awards Wingfield, John 04/23/14
The Korf lab, plus collaborators, receive BioMed Central award for Open Data paper of the year Faculty awards Korf, Ian 04/24/14
Student Snapshot: Angela Monterrubio and Scott Wilder Student awards Monterrubio, Angela; Wilder, Scott 04/10/14
Davis volunteers help underserved kids discover science Outreach KiDS 04/10/14
Unique math and biology training program propels CBS alumni careers Outreach CLIMB 04/10/14
Kingdom-Crossing research pinpoints new genes possibly implicated in cancer and other diseases PLB, MCB research Engebrecht, JoAnne; Britt, Anne 04/10/14
NASA Astrobiologist Richard Kidd, Genetics '87 Alumni Kidd, Richard 04/10/14
Reef fish arrived in two waves EVE research Price, Samantha; Wainwright, Peter 04/09/14
Double-headed motor protein offers new targets in cancer treatment MCB research Al-Bassam, Jawdat 04/08/14
First peanut genomes sequenced Genome Center research Michelmore, Richard 04/02/14
Plankton make scents for seabirds and a cooler planet NPB research Nevitt, Gabrielle 03/20/14
Michael Shepard, Zoology '73 Alumni Shepard, Michael 03/19/14
Jasmine Kaur Garcha, Plant Biology '14, spent three days at the National Collegiate Research Conference (NCRC) PLB students Kaur Garcha, Jasmine 03/19/14
Lin Weaver makes a difference by advancing biophysics and computational biology Philanthropy Weaver, Lin 03/19/14
Student Snapshot: Duy Tran and Katherine Wood Student snapshot Duy Tran; Katherine Wood 03/19/14
‘Breaking Bad’: Insect pests in the making EVE research Atallah, Joel; Kopp, Artyom 03/17/14
Barbara Horwitz named the 2013-14 Academic Senate recipient of the Chancellor's Achievement Award for Diversity and Community Faculty awards Horwitz, Barbara 02/14/14
Bobeck Modjtahedi, Biochemistry and Molecular Biology, '05 Alumni Modjtahedi, Bobeck 02/14/14
Student Snapshot: Jennifer Hofmann and Nicholas DiRienzo Student snapshot Hofmann, Jennifer; DiRienzo, Nicholas 02/14/14
Center for Neuroscience to celebrate 20th anniversary CNS Neuroscience 02/14/14
Distinguished professor Carol Erickson receives honorary degree in Japan Faculty awards Erickson, Carol 02/14/14
DNA repair protein is a three-way zipper MMG, MCB research Heyer, Wolf-Dietrich 02/03/14
New anthrax-killing virus from Africa is unusually large Genome Center research Ganz, Holly; Eisen, Jonathan 01/27/14
Acidification, predators pose double threat to oysters EVE research Sanford, Eric 01/15/14
Space-raised flies show weakened immunity to fungus MCB research Kimbrell, Deborah 01/24/14
New genes spring from non-coding DNA EVE reearch Begun, David 01/24/14
International fruit pest targeted by genomic research EVE research Begun, David 12/03/13
Victory once again for Shapiro in butterfly contest EVE research Shapiro, Art 01/14/14
Charlotte Owens, Physiology, ' 90 Alumni Owens, Charlotte 12/18/13
Ship hulls a major source of invasive species introduction in California waters EVE research Williams, Susan 12/18/13
Two undergraduates to present posters at national fruit fly conference Students Xu, Chenling; Friedman, Daniel 12/18/13
Bio Sci grad Kyle Pierce creates mural for Smithsonian exhibit Alumni Pierce, Kyle 12/18/13
In surprise finding, blood clots absorb bacterial toxin MCB research Armstrong, Peter 12/09/13
Ten elected as fellows of American Association for the Advancement of Science Faculty awards Dehesh, Katie; Maloof, Julin 11/26/13
Programs promote undergraduate research and support diversity Outreach Undergraduate 11/20/13
Victor Convertino: M.A., Physical Education, 1974; Ph.D., Physiology, 1981 Alumni Convertino, Victor 11/20/13
New resources foster undergraduate student succcess Students BASC; cohorts 11/20/13
Professor discovers natural, non-toxic mosquito repellent MCB research Leal, Walter 11/20/13
College of Biological Sciences receives largest private gift in College history: $1.5 million in unrestricted funds Philanthropy Philanthropy 11/20/13
Gail Patricelli selected as a 2013-2018 Chancellor's Fellow Faculty awards Patricelli, Gayle 11/20/13
Distinguished Professor Emeritus Brian Mulloney appointed to the Faculty Advisory Committee of the President's Postdoctoral Fellowship Program Faculty awards Mulloney, Brian 10/21/13
For James Gilardi, saving parrots is a cause close to home Alumni Gilardi, James 10/21/13
The College welcomes three new faculty members to its ranks for the 2013-2014 year New faculty Leal, Walter; Albeck, John; Ramirez, Santiago 10/21/13
How viral infection disrupts neural development in offspring, increasing risk of autism CNS research McAllister, Kimberley 09/26/13
How untying knots promotes cancer MCB research Fraser, Chris 08/20/13
Biochemists uphold law of physics MMG research Kowalczykowski, Steve 07/15/13
Comparing genomes, RNA of wild and domestic tomato PLB research Maloof, Julin 07/26/13
CBS students sweep Stanford in gene-annotation competition Students CACAO 06/13/13
The Department of Evolution and Ecology welcomes two new colleagues in 2012-13 New faculty Lott, Susan; Schmitt, Johanna 06/13/13
Top grad helps address health-care disparities Student awards Sitkin, Nicole 06/13/13
One big European family EVE research Coop, Graham 05/07/13
Outstanding undergraduate researchers honored as Beckman Scholars Student awards Fensterwald, Molly; Telis, Natalie 05/10/13
A year after winning University Medal, Larissa Miyachi to attend Stanford Medical School Alumni Miyachi, Larissa 05/10/13
Geneticist appointed as Hughes investigator Faculty awards Hunter, Neil 05/09/13
Sharon Strauss receives Academic Senate Distingushed Teaching Award in graduate-professional category Faculty awards Strauss, Sharon 05/03/13
Jodi Nunnari to deliver Faculty Research Lecture: "I Breathe Mitochondria" Faculty awards Nunarri, Jodi 05/03/13
'Dinner with a Scientist' helps students choose their futures Outreach Hildreth, James 05/02/13
Old is new: Inaugural symposium for Department of Microbiology and Molecular Genetics MMG Name change 05/01/13
Brain Awareness Week 2013 Outreach CNS 04/11/13
Opposites attract: How cells and cell fragments move in electric fields NPB research Mogilner, Alex 03/28/13
Energy conservation nets $1 million rebate UC Davis Sustainability 03/15/13
UC Davis biosci major wins Hughes fellowship for grad school Student awards Marin-Rodriguez, Brenda 03/14/13
Protein transport: At what cost? PLB research Theg, Steve 03/11/13
How do nerve fibers trasmit irritating sensations to the brain? Student awards Klein, Amanda 03/11/13
Clues to chromosome crossovers MMG research Hunter, Neil 02/13/13
Flushing Nemo: Home aquarium species a potential threat to California waters EVE research Williams, Susan 01/09/13
Roger Sabbadini, Ph.D. Physiology, 1974 Alumni Sabbadini, Roger 04/10/13
Katrina Hoyer, Biochemistry 1996 and Shane Smith, Biochemistry 1997 Alumni Hoyer, Katrina; Smith, Shane 03/06/13
Ocean roll-call: marine species count yields surprising results EVE research Rius, Mark 02/05/13
Electron imaging facility launches unique voucher program to promote research MCB Electron imaging 02/04/13
Liz Applegate, Biochemistry '78 Alumni Applegate, Liz 02/04/13
The Genome Center: Pioneering technology at the forefront of genomics research Center profile Genome Center 12/05/12
Gary Li: Biological Sciences '84 Alumni Li, Gary 12/04/12
Graduate students to showcase their work for families at discovery museum Dec. 8-9 Outreach Discovery museum 12/04/12
Keith Rode: Neurobiology, Physiology and Behavior '02 Alumni Rode, Keith 11/05/12
Grad students receive Achievement Awards for College Scientists (ARCS) Foundation Awards Student awards ARCS 11/05/12
The UC Davis Center for Neuroscience: A collection of great minds Center profile CNS 11/05/12
Fishy research exposes rapid evolution EVE research Martin, Chris 10/01/12
Edward DeLong Alumni DeLong, Ed 10/01/12
Plant research opening doors to new antibiotics PLB research Dehesh, Katie 09/04/12
On the move with Richard Lieber, '83 Alumni Lieber, Richard 09/04/12
A life sciences degree yields unexpected returns for Bret Johnson, '95 Alumni Johnson, Bret 07/12/12
The case (study) of arsenic life: How the internet can make science better EVE Eisen, Jonathan 07/10/12
Happy Father's Day from PLoS ONE! An interview with Alex and Steven Theg PLB research Theg, Steve 06/17/12
Center for Population Biology: Diverse disciplines, healthy science Center profile Population Biology 06/11/12
Researching how neural pathways are involved with visual processing CNS research Usrey, Martin 06/06/12
Exploring a novel approach to understanding a common autoimmune disease MCB research Chedin, Fred 06/04/12
Genome scientist elected to the National Academy of Sciences Faculty awards Lewin, Harris 05/03/12
Academic Senate Distinguished Teaching Award: Undergraduate Faculty awards Stachowicz, Jay 04/26/12
Academic Federation Excellence in Teaching Award Faculty awards Mann, Eric 04/26/12
Michael Turelli is the recipient of the 2012 Faculty Research Lecture Award Faculty awards Turelli, Michael 04/26/12
Professor's fly question may hold answer to mosquito-borne fever EVE research Turelli, Michael 06/05/12
Who are "Me, Myself and Us?" EVE research Eisen, Jonathan 04/06/12
R-loops break walls of gene silencing MCB research Chedin, Fred 03/01/12
UC Davis professor named American Academy of Microbiology fellow Faculty awards Eisen, Jonathan 02/23/12
Lizard's evolution keeps ancestors close EVE research Schoener, Thomas 02/08/12
How DNA finds its match MMG research Kowalczykowski 02/08/12
UC Davis researcher awarded $720,000 to improve promising cancer treatments MMG research Xu, Lifeng 12/06/11
UC Davis researchers discover complexities of DNA repair MMG research Heyer, Wolf-Dietrich 10/23/11
13 assistant professors join ranks of Hellman Fellows Faculty awards Baar, Keith; Brady, Siobhan 10/13/11
Crystal structure shows how motor protein works MCB research Nunnari, Jodi 09/20/11
James E.K. Hildreth receives NIH Director's Pioneer Award Faculty awards Hildreth, James 9/20/11
Plant breeding revolution for cassava, banana PLB research Chan, Simon 09/13/11
New insight in how cells' powerhouse divides MCB research Nunnari, Jodi 09/02/11
Basic biology research leads to new method of controlling dengue fever EVE research Turelli, Michael 08/25/11
Acid oceans could hit California mussels EVE research Gaylord, Brian 07/14/11
Evolution-ecology chair Stanton named new vice provost Faculty awards Stanton, Maureen 07/01/11
General Mills grant will help vanilla farmers and tropical forests PLB research O'Neil, Sharman 06/22/11
Two plant biologists win fellowships to help feed the planet PLB research Chan, Simon 06/16/11
Can evolution outpace climate change? EVE research Sanford, Eric 06/08/11
HIV protein unveils vaccine target MCB research Cheng, Holland 03/30/11
Seedlings thrive with distant relatives, seeds with close family EVE research Strauss, Sharon 03/14/11
Seedless cherimoya, the next banana? MCB research Gasser, Charles 03/14/11
Plants cloned as seeds PLB research Chan, Simon 02/17/11
A new appreciation of the ecology-evolution dynamic EVE research Schoener, Thomas 01/28/11
Island-scale study reveals climate-change effects EVE research Schoener, Thomas 01/28/11
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