Jennifer Diamond Receives Excellence in STEM Award

Jennifer Diamond

Jennifer Diamond, who transferred to UC Davis in 2015, has been recognized for her academic performance by the STEM Transfer Day Committee. Photo: David Slipher/UC Davis.

Undergraduate Jennifer Diamond, an ecology, evolution and biodiversity major with the College of Biological Sciences, has received the Excellence in STEM Award for her academic performance. This award is given to current UC Davis transfer students—one in each of the four university colleges.

Diamond says of receiving this award, “I really appreciate it. It has helped to push me to continue trying my best in my classes.”

After transferring to UC Davis from American River College in the fall of 2015, Diamond committed herself to her studies and embraced the academic atmosphere present on campus. Drawn to UC Davis for its veterinary school and connections to all things ecological, Diamond feels this is the school that will help her accomplish her future goals.

“[Being at UC Davis] has opened my eyes to some of the paths I can follow in helping endangered or threatened animals,” Diamond says. “Also being able to meet people with similar goals has helped encourage me to continue doing what I want.”

As she continues toward her degree, Diamond offers some advice for incoming transfer students. “I would say to pace yourself your first quarter here. And don’t compare yourself to other students. Everyone has their own way of learning and their own ways of multi-tasking. It is okay if you have a limit to what you can handle. But don’t be afraid to push yourself. Pushing yourself can teach you more about how much you really are capable of handling. Lastly, there are so many resources on campus, utilize them!”

Like many students, Diamond is uncertain of exactly what she wants to do in the future. She hopes to take a gap year after graduating to try to weigh the decision to attend veterinary school or graduate school. During that time she also wants to work in a veterinary clinic or get experience working in wildlife conservation.