Alana Firl joins CBS as the inaugural New Biology Postdoctoral Fellow

Alana Firl

Alana Firl


The College of Biological Sciences is pleased to announce the appointment of Alana Firl as the inaugural New Biology Postdoctoral Fellow.

New Biology fellowships are awarded to post-doctoral scientists who design research projects that bridge two or more distinct research areas in the College. Alana will be working with Professors Jonathan Eisen and Venkatesan Sundaresan to better understand the assembly and function of the microbiome that develops on rice plant roots. Alana's research will build on both laboratories' areas of expertise with the long-term goal of improving food security through manipulation and enhancement of the rice–microbial relationship.

Alana earned her Ph.D. in May from UC Berkeley, where she studied the cellular and circuit mechanisms underlying the development of coordinated waves in the retina. Her overarching research interest is in identifying emergent properties of complex systems using a combination of computational and experimental approaches.

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