Student Snapshot February 2014


Nicholas DiRienzo

Nicholas DiRienzo
5th year, Animal Behavior

Nicholas DiRienzo

Graduate student
Nicholas DiRienzo, 5th year, Animal Behavior

I grew up in: The Chicago suburbs

Biology because: I took a non-traditional path through college, and I had several fantastic biology instructors who hooked me on the subject.

Davis because: There is really no better place to study animal behavior than UC Davis, so the decision was easy.

UCD in six words or less: Unexpected directions

Favorite life form: One of my study species, Latrodectus hesperus, the western black widow spider

Favorite local spot: The Beer Shoppe

Proudest accomplishment: Surviving a winter in Oulu, Finland

Future plans: Postdoc, hopefully followed by getting a tenure-track position. If that fails, opening a barbecue restaurant.

Jennifer Hofmann

Jennifer Hofmann
Exercise Biology '14

Jennifer Hofmann

Undergraduate student
Jennifer Hofmann, Exercise Biology '14

I grew up in: Moraga, a small town in the Bay Area

Biology because: There is nothing more relevant or intriguing than understanding how the human body's complex systems function.

Davis because: I love the downtown atmosphere, the biking community and the happiness within the student population.

UCD in six words or less: Fast-paced, challenging, lively, self-reflective, adventure-filled

Favorite life form: Great white shark

Favorite local spot: Delta of Venus

Proudest accomplishment: Winning the Women's Intercollegiate Club Lacrosse National Championship

Future plans: Pediatric dentist. But before dental school, I plan to explore new cities, travel internationally and find a job that is out of my comfort zone.