Student Awards

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Recognizing Student Excellence

Each year, students from the College of Biological Sciences are honored for their outstanding scholarship, research activities, community service and mentorship. Students receive recognition and awards from both the College of Biological Sciences and the University of California, Davis.

2018 College of Biological Sciences Awards 

College of Biological Sciences Medal

Since 2008, the College of Biological Sciences has awarded a College Medal each year to an outstanding undergraduate student. In addition to a cash prize, the selected student receives a beautiful piece of original art that represents the broad range of academic disciplines studied at the college.

  • Kelsey Klein, Neurobiology, Physiology, and Behavior

Undergraduate of the Year

Awarded to an outstanding graduating senior from the College of Biological Sciences.

  • Bita Shahrvini, Biochemistry and Molecular Biology

Ronald and Lydia Baskin Award

The Ronald and Lydia Baskin Research award recognizes one graduating senior each year for excellence in research in the biological sciences. Students from all UC Davis undergraduate colleges are eligible for the Baskin Research Award.

Dr. Ronald J. Baskin, professor emeritus of molecular and cellular biology, and his wife Lydia, created an endowment in 2006 to establish this annual award. Recipients receive a beautiful unique glass laser-etched medallion and a cash award.

  • Bita Shahrvini, Biochemistry and Molecular Biology, UC Davis College of Biological Sciences
  • Benjamin Mallory, Biochemistry and Molecular Biology, UC Davis College of Biological Sciences

Departmental Citation Awards 2018

Graduating seniors from the college with an upper division UCD GPA of 3.7 or above are awarded a departmental citation. No application is necessary—the college runs a database search to find awardees. 

Biological Sciences

  • Daria Afonskaia Anvarovna
  • Sonia Pramod Athalye
  • Dale Norton Servande Bongbong
  • Amelia Lillian Freije
  • Irina Marie Haack
  • Kirsten Adele Rasmussen Hodgson
  • Anh Kim Hua
  • Deborah Chang Huiken
  • David Adrian Jaffe
  • Sharina Lai
  • Janice Wen En Ma
  • Yiming Ma
  • Nayeli Del Rosario Mauricio-Jimenez
  • Gaia Sara Mohr-Tonachini
  • Catherine Green Movich
  • Kyle Brandon Palaganas
  • Sunjot Singh Sandhu
  • Isabella Rosa Sellers
  • Madeleine Chloe Silverstein
  • Gurjeet Warraich Singh
  • Karmtej Cheema Singh
  • James Kelly Thach
  • Rena Ga Chi Wang
  • Sterling Rebecca Wong

Evolution, Ecology and Biodiversity

  • Masato Hayashi
  • Asia Jones
  • Eun Kim
  • Lillie Oravetz
  • Yutong Song
  • Chandler Stepheson
  • Seth Strumwasser
  • Quynh Tran


  • Vy Bui
  • Dana Rochelle De Vries
  • Trang Nguyen-Khanh Duong
  • Megan Claire Haugland
  • Hannah Gabrielle Higgins
  • Ngoc Truc Uyen Huynh
  • Rebecca Hannah Kandel
  • Meghan Mahalawat
  • Alec James Michael
  • Chantelle Sarah Phung
  • Pavitra Ravishankar
  • Sai Sahitha Somepalle
  • Richard Ta

Neurobiology, Physiology and Behavior

  • James Antongiovanni
  • Gaurav Aulakh
  • Ahmad Azizi
  • Megha Prasad Bindiganavale
  • Anh-Tram Bui
  • Sydney Burger
  • Sofia Caryotakis
  • Janeet Dhauna
  • Sukhi Dhillon
  • Kevin Dinh
  • Emily Dunsmore
  • Emily Eijansantos
  • Cody Ellis
  • Stephanie Ellman
  • Daniel Farivar
  • Kamal Gill
  • Connor Grant
  • Anita Gunaseelan
  • Erin Hooper
  • Patrick Huynh
  • Jeannette Ilyev
  • Michaela Jackson
  • Arash Jalali-Sohi
  • Carolina Katzenson
  • Murtaza Khan
  • Priya Khoot
  • Mathew Kumar
  • Sreevidya Kurra
  • Stephen Kwong
  • Xandra Legaspi
  • Cindy Liang
  • Mark Marfin
  • Feben Messele
  • Janice Mwaniki
  • Marina Nguyen
  • Michael Nguyen
  • Ann Nguyen
  • Ignacio Ognian
  • Nathan Park
  • Sahar Rahgozar
  • India Rangel
  • Pritha Roy
  • Alison Sena
  • Amber Shults
  • Sina Soltanzadeh Zarandi
  • Benjamin Van
  • Malin Von Knorring
  • Colin Wang
  • Stephanie Wong
  • Grace Wei-Qi Woo
  • Chongyang Wu
  • Kimberly Yee
  • Susan Young
  • Jeremiah Ann Yulo

Outstanding Performance Citation Awards 

Each year, this recognition is presented to graduating seniors who have achieved academic excellence within their majors and participated substantial research projects.  Eligible students receive notification that their excellent records nominate them for this award. Faculty and staff are also notified by email that they may nominate students for this award.

Biochemistry and Molecular Biology

  • Alexander Ditzel    
  • Ling Leng
  • Junqi Lu
  • Benjamin Mallory
  • Amy Nguyen
  • Bita Shahrvini
  • Zunqiu Wang
  • Jihao Xu

Biological Sciences

  • Sonia Athalye
  • Kirsten Hodgson
  • David Jaffe
  • Karley Lujan
  • Christina So

Cell Biology

  • Shivani Reddy

Evolution, Ecology and Biodiversity

  • Katherine Borchardt
  • Ellen Holstein
  • Lahari Indraganti
  • Asia Jones
  • Lillie Oravetz
  • Seth Strumwasser

Genetics and Genomics

  • Jeffrey Bellinder
  • Gayane Saakyan
  • Michael Sramek


  • Hannah Higgins
  • Pavitra Ravishankar
  • Sai Sahitha Somepalle

Neurobiology, Physiology and Behavior

  • Sofia Caryotakis
  • Emily Eijansantos
  • Connor Grant
  • Arash Jalali-Sohi
  • Tiffany Jow
  • Murtaza Khan
  • Kelsey Klein
  • Milana Krush
  • Cindy Liang
  • Mark Marfin
  • Marina Nguyen
  • Michael Nguyen
  • Sahar Rahgozar
  • Sina Soltanzadeh Zarandi
  • Malin Von Knorring
  • Colin Wang

Dean's Mentorship Awards

Made possible through donations to the Dean's Circle Annual Fund and awarded to graduate students who demonstrate excellence in the mentorship of undergraduate students.

  • Yana Blokhina
  • Victoria Farrar
  • Allison Injaian
  • Nicole Kollars
  • Katherine Murphy

Barbara A. Horwitz and John M. Horowitz Undergraduate Scholarship in Physiology

Awarded to students in the College of Biological Sciences who are studying physiology and exemplify academic excellence.

  • Rebecca Stanley

Eric and Louise Conn Award in Plant Biochemistry

This award supports one outstanding graduate student and one outstanding undergraduate student each year whose research is in the field of biochemistry.

  • Graduate: Katherine Murphy
  • Undergraduate: TBA

Kathleen C. Green Scholarship

Established by Melvin M. Green, Professor Emeritus of Genetics, this award honors his wife's career as a biologist and is awarded to a biology student to provide support and recognize outstanding scholastic achievement.

  • Anh Hua
  • Jennifer La
  • Minh Le
  • Erika Ramirez Salazar

University Awards by Year

University Medal

Each year, the university awards the top graduating senior with the University Medal for excellence in undergraduate studies, outstanding community service and the promise of future scholarship and contributions to society

Today, the award includes a plaque with an inlaid medal and a $2,000 honorarium. A subcommittee of the Academic Senate considers nominations from the undergraduate colleges, and then interviews finalists and recommends a candidate for the chancellor’s approval. Below are the recipients from the College of Biological Sciences. View more information at the University Medalist website.

  • Emily Eijansantos, Neurobiology, Physiology, and Behavior, 2018
  • Srujan Kopparapu, Biochemistry and Molecular Biology, Psychology, 2017
  • Nicole Sitkin, Neurobiology, Physiology and Behavior, 2013
  • Larissa Miyachi, Biochemistry and Molecular Biology, 2012
  • Kristen Kelley, Neurobiology, Physiology and Behavior, 2011
  • Ashley Heers, Evolution, Ecology and Biodiversity, Geology, 2007
  • Yoel Eli Stuart, Evolution, Ecology and Biodiversity, 2006
  • Christopher Jones, Biochemistry and Molecular Biology, 2005

Chancellor's Award for Excellence in Undergraduate Research

Awarded to up to two graduating seniors who have completed outstanding research, scholarship or creative activity tied to any academic subject while at UC Davis

  • Katherine Borchardt, Evolution, Ecology, and Biodiversity, 2018
  • Jessica Darlene West, Biochemistry and Molecular Biology, 2016
  • Brenda Marin-Rodriguez, Neurobiology, Physiology and Behavior, 2013
  • Becky Xu Hua Fu, Genetics, 2012
  • Elaine Garcia, Neurology, Physiology and Behavior, 2011
  • Ernest Maningding, Microbiology, 2010
  • Marisa S. Goo, Neurobiology, Physiology and Behavior, 2008
  • Gregory A. Ho, Biochemistry & Molecular Biology, 2007
  • Andreas Ehrensberger, Biochemistry & Molecular Biology, 2004
  • Nicole A. Tetreault, Neurobiology, Physiology and Behavior, 2002
  • Patricia L. Duong, Genetics, 2002

Mary Jeanne Gilhooly Award

Established in 1942 to memorialize the achievements of Mary Jeanne Gilhooly, this award honors the graduating woman believed to be the most outstanding in the areas of leadership, scholarship, integrity, and service in the campus community.

  • Habiba Hashimi, 2012

Veloyce Glenn Winslow, Jr. Award

Established in 1966 to memorialize the achievements of Veloyce Glenn Winslow, Jr., this award honors the graduating man believed to be the most outstanding in the areas of leadership, scholarship, integrity and service in the campus community.

  • Connor Grant, 2018
  • Raumin Neuville, 2017
  • Asadullah Awan, 2013
  • Devvrat Malhotra, 2012