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Department of Evolution and Ecology

The Department of Evolution and Ecology is a dynamic and collaborative community of faculty, students, post-doctoral researchers, and staff. Our mission centers around unraveling the intricate tapestry of evolution and ecology across diverse biological scales. From the evolution of genes and genomes to the diversification of species over time, we explore the fascinating interplay between life forms and their environments. Our research excellence spans these levels, delving into the structure, function, and biogeography of ecological communities. While our faculty members are committed to advancing scientific knowledge, they equally prioritize nurturing the next generation of scientists through quality teaching and mentorship. 


Peter Wainwright
(530) 752-6782
Chair Faculty Profile
Susan Keen
(530) 754-8569
Vice Chair Faculty Profile
Yuliya Yarova-Yarovaya
(530) 752-7466
Chief Administrative Officer