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Dean's Honors List

According to UC Davis campus regulations, the quarterly Deans' Honors List includes names of students who have completed, for a letter grade, a minimum of 12 units in a specific quarter with a grade point average equal to or higher than the minimum grade point average attained by the upper 16 percent of those registered in the same class level and college during that quarter.

Honors lists will be posted quarterly and a notation of these honors will be placed on each student's permanent record by the Office of the Registrar.

Students who are registered in a very rare designation of “directory confidential—anonymous” will not be listed here, however, their transcripts will reflect Dean's List status for this quarter. Students may check whether they are in confidential status on the SISWeb transcript. Students may change their "directory confidential" status to be listed on this website for future quarters by visiting the Office of the University Registrar's website: