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Center for Population Biology

The UC Davis Center for Population Biology is a premier research institution dedicated to the study of population biology, ecology, evolution, and conservation biology. The center fosters interdisciplinary collaboration among scientists to address critical issues related to biodiversity, ecosystem dynamics, and environmental change. Researchers at the center employ cutting-edge methodologies, from molecular genetics to field experiments, to investigate the complex interactions between organisms and their environments. The center also emphasizes the importance of education and mentorship, providing robust training opportunities for undergraduate, graduate, and postdoctoral scholars. Through its innovative research and commitment to education, the UC Davis Center for Population Biology aims to enhance our understanding of biological diversity and inform conservation strategies to protect the natural world. By bridging scientific discovery with real-world applications, the center plays a vital role in addressing global ecological challenges and promoting sustainable practices.


Graham Coop
(530) 752-1622
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Sherri Mann
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Administrative Coordinator